This summer, fashionable girls like “anti -season” boots to wear, I’m afraid it’s not stupid, right?

I have to say that in the summer of 2019, it is destined to be a fashionable and modern season, especially

Fashionable girls do not follow the “ordinary road”, and they have loved the “anti -season” to wear. They use some trendy items in winter and autumn to concave the different shapes. Boots are outstanding representatives!


Vaguely remember that when I went out with a pair of Martin boots with a hot day near 38 degrees,

The old mother sent a look of “care for mental retardation” and sincerely: “At noon, wearing such thick shoes to go out, are you afraid of being stupid?”

However, it is these sultry shoes,

In this summer, it has a lot of shining, sweeping the major fashion street shooting and show fields.

Even the stars have used it to create an eye -catching shape. How can such drainage wearing people not imitate?

Not long ago, Nabi recorded a variety show with a rock and roll, chose a white T -shirt as an inside. While adding highlights, the legs are also white and slender. Is this mixed style particularly beautiful?

In fact, in daily life, you want to wear Martin boots well and wonderful. In addition to the matching of the top, you also need to choose the shoes according to your actual situation. Next, Xili will tell you two parts. Matters and wearing skills, keep watching ~


Step 1: Look at the material of the boots

As a qualified fashionable essence, when choosing boots, in addition to observing the appearance of the boots, the most important thing is the material of the boots. The style of different materials shows is completely different!


NO1: suede material

Suge is a material that is very suitable for autumn and winter.


Generally, high -quality goatskin, cotton leather or deer leather as raw materials,

It is made through rigorous and exquisite processing,


The surface is not as smooth as other leather fabrics, showing a matte texture!

Style presentation

: This material

With a sense of elegant retro, suitable for women who are familiar with light,

And the soft material can ensure the comfort of wearing, bringing a different experience of wearing!

NO2: cowhide material

Cowhide is a common species in boots,


High -quality cowhide is mostly the original skin of the cattle

Formed, it can be divided into two types: head layer cowhide and two -layer cowhide.

The appearance is clear and the texture is smooth and delicate.

A brilliance is used to build a variety of styles of short boots.


: Because of the characteristics of the fabric, cowhide

Having a variety of interpretation styles, suitable for women of each year,


Improving the high -level sense of the whole body through the unique luster of cowhide.

NO3: Materials of patent leather

For patent leather than cowhide,

More glorious


This material is made by painting in the leather, PU skin and other materials

, And the waterproof performance is excellent, and the eye -catching colors can have a full eye -catching effect.

❤ style presentation

: The most stylish characteristics of all fabrics of patent leather materials,

A sense of avant -garde fashion in the bones, suitable for new women who are independent of individuality and for attempts,

Easily incarnate.

NO4: Velvet material

Velvet is different from suede,

The surface of this material is very neat and delicate, showing a gentle gloss,


It can be used on short boots, which can neutralize the toughness of the leather, which is very advanced!


: Velvet brings more to people

The feeling of low luxury and retro

It is full of literary and romantic atmosphere. Whether it is pants and skirts, it is very suitable, which is very suitable for mature women.

Step 2: Select according to the height of the boots

In addition to the influence of the overall value of the boots, there is also the height of the boots that we need to pay attention to. It not only affects our dressing experience. If the height is wrong, the shape will be greatly reduced!

A. Naked boots: boots of the ankle high as the ankle

Popularly speaking in naked boots:

Boots that can show ankle

In terms of shape, it is very different from ordinary boots.

There are two types of height: lower than the ankle, a little higher than the ankle;


Highlighting the most thin part of most girls, using their own advantages to lengthen the proportion of legs, visually high and thin, especially suitable for short and slightly legs.


B. Mid -boots: boots with a tube as high as the calf belly



About 20 cm high in the tube

Just to the position of the calf belly

For girls with thick legs, this kind of boots are very unfriendly. Due to the height, they outline the most abundant muscles, which enlarged the proportion of the legs invisibly, which looks more strong.


Like a girl who is not very confident, Sili recommends choosing the kind of strap design boots. One to weaken the sense of oppression of wearing, and second, by properly unlocking and bringing a sense of weakening strong, thin and styling.

C. High boots: boots with height to knee

High boots are the second highest type of boots,

The height is about 30 cm,

It extends directly from the feet to the knee, which is not only easy to show fat, but also difficult to control in terms of matching.

If you are not careful, you can easily wear the old sense of “rain boots”.

However, it is a concave weapon for the slim figure girls. Through the advantages of the height, the legs are settled more straight and slender, and the legs are carefully selected!

D. Knee boots: boots that are higher than the knee

The knee boots are


The most difficult to control all the types of boots

There are certain restrictions on the body

Because the height of the tube is above 30 centimeters, more than shoes above the knee, it is not recommended to wear a short and thick legs, which will show your small defects in front of everyone. Dress.

Whether it is that style of boots, if you want to wear fashionable and good -looking, you can’t do without the mutual match between the items. Only the well -matched and novel, even if there is no high value, you can earn enough attention. Hurry up and look at it. See how people do it ~

all black wind: strap Martin boots+improved cheongsam

Broken Martin boots always give people a neutral and handsome sense, but when combining it with the improved cheongsam, the opposite style of the two is extremely tacit. One -one, there is a little personality in the classical classics, especially in the wear of All Black, it is vividly reflected!

The combination of black and black is one of the never -matched mixes in the session. The echo of the same color can bring a strong visual impact and exude a different light in the ultimate color, but the dull black is inevitable Giving a sense of seriousness,

Both the skirt and the choice of boots need to be paid attention to: the appropriate short model can erase unnecessary formal sense, and change the black dead breath.


Sometimes the short combination of the same color is more attractive! The younger sister in the picture above uses it

Short -made improved cheongsam with mid -tube Martin boots,


The length of the skirt is just above the knee. With the cute print on the chest, the black instantage has a lot of aura. The height of the Martin boots is clever and properly exposed. More cool personality!

In daily life, sisters who want to try this style can also choose some improved cheongsams of lace, embroidery embellishment, and match with strap Martin boots ~


Elegant and fresh wind: paint surface short boots+printed dress

In the above,

We mentioned that having a bright -faced texture, which is generally more inclined to literary and retro style. Under the influence of this tone, it is best to match it with the same romantic printed chiffon skirt. Similar styles, create a sense of balance, fresh and elegant feeling!


Generally speaking, a large -area printing dress, especially the embellishment like a grid, gives more or less a sense of oldness, want to break this embarrassing situation? The easiest way is to overcome shoes! Using a pair of retro -style lacquered short boots, through the high -end color of the boots, and the monotonous grids, it will further enhance the elegant temperament and more personality ~

This kind of wave dot dress is perfectly combined with lacquer -faced short boots, such as this ordinary style with long skirts. Under the support of boots, it is even more brilliant. If you lose your sense of freshness, it will make the whole look reveal a sense of oldness and mediocrity.

May wish to try with a pair of retro square boots. The smooth boots have a delicate luster to add a little interesting to the shape.


Cool Personality: Middle boots+T -shirts stacking

Mid -boots show us a unique personality style. If you want to interpret this avant -garde atmosphere more perfectly, in terms of wearing, you may wish to have a clear mix of matching. Effect.

Today, the stack of T -shirts is prevailing. People like to wear a mesh top under the loose T -shirt, or sunscreen ice sleeve, giving the T -shirt a new dressing experience, shape of the shape, layering of the shape, It is also presented. Combining the overall style tone, a pair of boots will give people a refreshing feeling. It is full of personality and cool. It is recommended that fashionable girls try it!


Or on the outside of the T -shirt, superimposed a sunscreen cover, inject a trace of small sexy through the mesh fabric, change the casual appearance of the T -shirt in the past, will not be too vulgar, and with the blessing of the boots, the blessing of the boots will The shape immediately became different. The modern street girl gave people a very lazy feeling. The favorite of Sili is this!

I don’t know if you will have a certain change in boots here. Remember, it is not a specific item of a certain season, but the small tool for our concave shape, which has nothing to do with the changes in the four seasons!


Full text editor/Xili, all of the above pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete, thank you ~

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