Come to a pair of slopes and boots is a fashion runway wherever you go

Put on a super Han Fan’s bitter boots! The thick bottom slope and the design are convenient to relax your ankle. Wearing it will not be tired, and it is super versatile. It is sexy with short skirts. It is handsome with shorts. It is beautiful with tights. Lighter legs!

来一双坡跟靴子 走到哪儿都是时尚T台

The super -beautiful Korean version of the Korean boots, the retro feeling of the toe is in place, and the light brown gives a stable and quiet feeling. It must have the temperament of everyone’s ladies. If it is paired with a pair of jeans, no matter whether Where you go, where is your fashion runway? The point is that it is very comfortable on your feet!

From the new Korean female sloped shoes from 2015, the design of the gauze splicing deep V and the design of the stitching rhinestone, so that the temperament of this pair of women’s high -heeled boots and slopes of the heel shoes is more upper level. The sexy small fish mouth design is very pretty. With the hazy transparent mesh make your feminine taste!

来一双坡跟靴子 走到哪儿都是时尚T台

The latest women’s sloping heel shoes, classic Korean style, fashionable and simple, stitching high -end PU leather short boots, comfortable walking feet are not tired, very beautiful, very suitable for white -collar women who work in the office, pure black paint Noodles give you an absolute calmness and noble temperament, and women can walk out of their own happiness.

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