Do you have to pay attention to your baby at home with this foam floor mat? Intersection

Many families with babies have foam pads in the home. They can not only help the baby crawl on their own, but also avoid the baby’s dirty things on the ground. Although it seems to save a lot of heart, whether adults have considered the bubble land to land land What about the safety of the cushion?


Xiaoyu also bought a foam floor pad. At first, she had an unpleasant plastic smell, and the taste gradually dispersed later, so she didn’t feel much.

In my spare time, I checked the material of the foam floor pads on the Internet, and there were so many famous halls in it! You must give you a popular science:

The pungent odor of the floor mat is derived from the “methalmam” as a plastic puff agent. The foam ground pad uses methalmam to make it soft during the production process. The skin is also damaged.

What is metamamide?

From the perspective of molecular function, methyl amine is not a kind of non -friendly substance for the human body. This simple molecule is also considered a raw material for amino acid synthesis. In terms of toxicity, half of the number of killers of tetamide is about 6g/kg. In other words, it is smaller than the toxicity of salt, so it seems that there is nothing to worry about.

However, studies have shown that it is cumulative in the body -it is not easy to discharge from the body with digestion residues, and it can only be slowly metabolized in the body to be metabolic and ammonium salt. Less risk.

What’s more important is that it has reproductive and developmental toxicity, which is strong for infants and young children. The characteristics of continuous accumulation of metamamide, then if children crawl on poisonous ground pads for a long time, the damage brings should not be underestimated.

How to choose floor mats correctly?

Smell the smell, and the pungent pads are cautious.


The regular shopping mall channels are purchased to see the material component description clearly.

The floor pads that are bought must be fully drying, so that the taste is fully played.

Finally: In order to attract customers, some manufacturers will color the ground, which will also cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard. Moreover, there are no national standards for floor mats, which also makes the floor cushion lack supervision during production and sales. Therefore, when buying, you should be particularly careful, especially the price is very cheap.

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