Pure good sound quality, a few listening -resistant in -ear wired headphones, equal value and sound quality

The good -looking headphones are naturally pleasing to the eye, but the wonderful sound quality is really valuable. It is a beautiful appearance for the headset, but after all, everyone wants the sound quality and comfort. However, in small headphones, there is no better sound quality than in -ear wired headphones. Not only is it good at wearing sound insulation, it is also prominent that the sound effects transmitted by the headphones are just like a novel flower expanded to the ears and entered the realm of listening. The reason why wired headphones can have rich and gorgeous parsing performance is because of no delayed transmission methods and excellent dynamic circles.



What determines the comfort of the headset is the production process of the headset case,


The appearance of the headset is shaped, using


Printing, this integrated structure effect is smooth and smooth. The surface of contact with the ears is delicate and comfortable, and it is naturally fitted after wearing. The dynamic ring of this headset is very good. Tesla’s coil is a driver support. The sound effect of this ring -iron architecture is surging and transparent, the bass is shocking without dull, and the three -frequency transparency analysis has a strong sense of layering, especially that one. The effect of drunk details is really as immersive. The headset not only has superior hardware combinations, but also



The tuning team of the experience of the years participated in the adjustment, and the sound quality is transparent and natural.

Xing Ge

Luo Shen


From the appearance, this headset is full of clearness, transparent headset cases and transparent wires, rich in ice crystals, and at the same time incorporate the national style element, which makes the face value of this headset attract attention. Of course, the sound quality of the headset is also good. It dissolves the two iron -driven elements in one body. The graphene has a good texture, and the output sound effect is balanced and transparent, but the phase distortion brought by independent driving cannot be avoided.


Momentum in-Ear

The oil -filled headset case, with the contour of the cup, makes the face value of this headset very eye -catching, and the back is decorated with gorgeous elements for the headset. In addition, it is worth looking forward to its sound effect. It has a built -in superior texture driver unit. The sound is well -restored, the sound is transparent, the bass is full, and the tension is full, but the analysis effect is not rich enough than the mixed driver.


Beats UR3

This headset has a striking face value, and the appearance effect of red and black staggered is very exciting, stable and not dull, both personality and not showing publicity. In addition, the details of the headset are very careful. The flat wire is not easy to wrap together. The round and solid headset shell structure is beautiful and generous. In addition, the sound quality of the headset is good, and the magnetic earplugs are better storage.

These headphones are very superior texture and face value. It is measured from the level of comfort and sound quality.

Hik S1

Better quality, rich analysis of ring iron, balanced coordination of coaxial drives, pure sound effects are pure and not distinctive, and they are more economical.


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