The new player “killing” and the old man redeemed, the general learning machine market has become a new battlefield

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The general learning machine market has ushered in an unprecedented change.

A few days ago, the homework helped the 喵 喵 机 Upgrade to the intelligent mission learning machine, can be used independently from the phone. And before, after the first smart platform lamp was released in October 2020, the new Oriental, a good future, a good future, and the operation help and other educational institutions were preparing for the smart lamp project.

In addition, educational tablets that belong to the general learning machine market have also become the battlefield for online education companies, Internet big plants, education information, and traditional learning machine players.

20 years ago, “PPT + Audio” has been popular with the literals of the book content. Today, interactive content, personalized services are becoming a new trend of learning machines.

In this new old player, the “battlefield” of the competition, no one wants to be eliminated.

In the face of new demand, traditional subsidies, content of the content, the technology of the dominant boundary, everything is to comply with the age opportunities due to technical changes.

Missed once, I lost the future.

Talking about the initial learning machine market, time will go back to the 1990s.

In 1993, Xiaobao, who was started with a home in the Red and White Machine in the cottage, launched the first generation of computer learning machines, on the basis of the game console, with the function of typing exercises, back words, and programming. “You shoot one, I took a way, Xiaobang out of learning machine …” once became the classic of advertising world.

After a year, the second-generation computer learning machine of Xiaomao Wang was online, and invited Cheng Long to endorse, “the same is the heart of the world,” Wang Zi Dragon “is a household name.

With relatively low prices and advertising words in Lang Lang, Xiaobang quickly ranked the market’s throne, and the highest peak occupied 80% of the market.

According to statistics, from 1991 to 1999, the accumulated sales of Xiaobao was higher than 20 million units.

Although it is positioned as a learning machine, but in the relatively lack of material resources, the entertainment method is relatively single, and the small bang’s computer learning machine is to learn as a fake, but the game is true. A part of the user uses a learning machine to practice typing, but more addictive in supermario, epitony, squirrel war, etc.

At the same time, with the rise of English learning, reuse machines, electronic dictionary and other products are also commonplace.

Wenxing, built-in English-Chinese dictionary and classic document, since the launch of the public in 1995, has a sales volume of 60 million units.

However, the brilliant history can not stand the changes in the times and the change of technology, and cannot change in time, the building will eventually collapse in an instant.

Transfer development in 00-19.

In 2007, the first generation of iPhone was listed in the United States, which announced the arrival of the mobile Internet era. Smartphones enters people’s field of vision, and PC ports extends one after another.

At the time of the iPhone, another mobile phone brand Nokia has gradually fallen. This has defeated Motorolan on the world’s mobile phone leader, and the brilliant period has occupied the button function of the mobile phone market, but because of the missing smart, She Android, the blessing class, under the iPhone and Samsung’s pinch, eventually 71.7 The price of 100 million is sold.

Nokia didn’t think about “self-help”. In 2011, Nokia announced with Microsoft, and launched the first smartphone after cooperation with the same year, attempts to transition from the Saipan operating system to the Windows Phone operating system. But late is late, miss once, lost the future, this once mobile phone hegemony eventually came to an end in 2013.

The little king also tried to save the main business of its game consoles through the feelings. In 2014, in 2014, its Union Ali Cloud launched a small fighter G20 game console. The game owner was old, built into “Trim Luo” Street Overlord “” Kinghuang “classic games. 4 years later, Xiaobang is on ChinaJoy, high-profile issued “Z + New Game Computer”, claims a game console with AMD custom ZEN architecture CPU.

But the ending is still not satisfactory. The little orture G20 has already “inspected the mobile phone”, and the game host has also been ridiculed by the netizens to “have the main end and the heart of the PC”, and finally the team will end.

The same situation has also occurred in the field of learning.

Under the impact of good fortune, step by step, reading lang, etc.

“Old player” in the current urgency

Historical reincarnation is always staged.

Compared to the Baba, Wenqu Star, I was “post-waves” step by step, reading a book, excellent school … It seems that it has become “prefang”, called traditional learning machine players. Previously, the learning machines launched by these “old players” have changed in the form, but the electronic model of “PPT + audio” books did not change.

When the mobile Internet is popular, the cloud technology has developed rapidly, and the content of education content is becoming more and more convenient. When presenting the situation of flooding, only the one-way information transmission is committed to integrating the traditional learning machine model of books and books, it is no longer possible Meet the needs of users.

In the end, the point reading machine for supporting textbooks is replaced by the literary writing pen, “Where doesn’t point to where,” will also become the past.

In the same period, the tablet started to rise in the market. In January 2010, Apple issued the first generation of iPad series, providing browsing the Internet, sending and receiving email, watching e-book, playing audio or video, playing games.

This portable, touchable products are also gradually used to learning the field of learning.

Say goodbye to the era of electronic dictionaries and dot reading machines, the learning machine market is in a new form, ie education tablet.

“Survival, survival” is not only suitable for biological fields. In order to avoid the end of the beach, some “old players” are trying to adapt to the needs of the new market through “evolution”.

The essence of education is the content and service, and “porter” that only makes the content is very easy to be replaced by the later person. Taking the reading lang as an example, it is “self-rescued” by filling the content.

In July 2019, the reading lang established a network school, and placed in the network school in learning tablets. Users can watch the Internet of business for free, and build “software hard selling” ecology.

In the reading Lang COO Deng Dunhui’s view, self-research content, from commercial perspective, you can ensure that resources are not subject to people; from user angles, compared to integrated education resources, self-research contents are related to each other, systematic, soft The collaboration between the hardware is higher, and the user experience will be better.

On April 27th, the Bookmarks submitted the vision to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and went to Hong Kong to go public. According to its statement, the 2018-2020 intelligent education tablet operation is 399,600 units, 456,900 units and 484,600 units.

On the other hand, the extent of the “old player” is on the first Ai learning machine last year, and the student tablet U39. At the same time, his parent company exceeded the world and submitted a statement in January this year, sprinkling the GEM.

The present invention shows that the sales volume of the educational education tablet products is 45.05 million units, 5.497 million units, 5.627 million units, respectively, with 12.18%, 14.09% and 13.72%, respectively.

Although “old players” have many years of channels and reputation, they are also actively transformed, but the transformation is still facing heavy duty.

The pressure not only comes from the competition between peers, the “killing” of the Internet, and the “killing” of online education companies also make them feel “four rows”.

Those ambitious “back waves”

IDC data shows that in the context of global tablet shipments continue to decline, my country’s education tablet still continues to be good. In 2019, my country’s education tablet shipments reached 4.1 million units, an increase of 6.4% year-on-year, and it is expected to be 2021. An increase in annual complex growth in 2017-2021 was 6.16%.

According to the “Education Tablet Market Market” shows that my country’s education tablet market has reached 14.448 billion yuan in 2019, it is expected to increase to 64.436 billion yuan in 2024, and the annual compound growth rate is 34.85% during the period 2019-2024. A wide range of market space.

The seductive market promotes the entry, and the incompetence of the incompetence will think about a cup. Internet big factory wants to develop borders, online education companies want to occupy user-level entrances, education informationization companies are intended to build moats …

In April 2020, Huawei released the first learning tablet MatePad for primary and secondary school students. In addition to basic smart eyegles and content management, Huawei Education Center also pre-installed the quality class, learning and thinking network, nano box and other online Education app.

After Huawei, Baidu also launched the first learning tablet in March this year. The flat-panel master is correct and eye-catching, and customizes gesture interaction, sitting posture reminder, set a alarm courses, and more than 400 net classes APPs are also pre-installed in the interior.

Byte beating selects another path-made light, in October 2020, launched the first educational intelligent hardware product “strong intelligent work light”. This product is equipped with a AI camera, providing students with intelligent fingering words, smart English, intelligent approval, etc., parents can also reach children’s homework remotely through real-time communication.

While the big factory is pushing into the learning machine market, online education companies are also awkward. Following the April 20020, the new Oriental launched the intelligent learning machine OK learning machine. In March 2021, 51TALK released the first hardware product 51talk English learning machine, according to the “late LatePost”, the new Orient, good future, homework, etc. Preparation of smart desk lamp projects, 猿 counseling has signed a smart writing board order with the factory, and has built hardware teams in Shenzhen.

In the case of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, which is also launched in July 2020, covering the X2 Pro, which is the X2 PRO of the K12 full-term section, and Z1 smart machine specialized for the early high school students.

Chapter, the head of the department, the person in charge of the Ministry of Science, and the interactive and personalized properties of the Software, the interactive property, the interactive and personalized properties of the Science News Flying Smart Learning Machine. study method. The product has a function of AI oral teacher, AI non-supervised memorial, AI wrong question, through daily practice to discover the weaknesses of students’ knowledge, and recommend similar practice questions to students through existing knowledge maps, and 1 ~ 3 minutes to recording the explanation of knowledge points in 3 minutes.

Each has a “war form”

With the content, the Internet is relying on the technology, the education information company is the main intelligence, and each home seems to have an advantage. But as the “later party” of the learning machine market, their road to “survival” is not smooth.

Zhang Jidong tells mustard piles, the biggest challenge for Science of Science and Technology is the biggest challenge for users is the restriction of user philosophy and habits. “For parents, this kind of” personalized learning) is originally never heard, which means that he will prefer a traditional learning machine with high awareness when he is selected. “

Dun Dunshui also has the same view. He said that it is like a product such as a smart desk lamp, especially in three or four-tier cities, user habits have not yet been established, still need a marketing promotion and user habits, and sinking the market, vast channel business and self-research content It is a competitive barrier that is built by reading.


For the pattern of future learning machine markets, Zhang Jidong believes that due to many years of reputation and channel accumulation, the current traditional learning machine and tablet still have a market, but with the improvement of the user education concept, AI personalized new learning machine “future must It will become a very important mainstream product. “

“Tablet is the best carrier this time period, may not be in the future, with product technology iteration, there may be new forms.” Dun Dunshui said.

On the “battlefield” of the new and old players of the new and old players, everyone is struggling. Maybe someone is one step, but at least not yet, the rivers and lakes, at this time, it is not too late. As for the future, in the era of technology change, who can meet the changes in the times, satisfy and even surpass users, who can become the last “winner”.

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