The Hermes silk scarf is so expensive! There is an artistic story that is enough to attract you

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Hermes Hermes is not just a brand for women. The old text designer pushed by the artistic vitamin C uses 723 hours to create London’s “Qingming Shanghe Tu” reading volume of 100,000+. God goes. Today, Ms. C continues to science in popularization, which classic silk scarves have launched in these years, and the artistic design stories behind these silk scarves.

From the first silk scarf “lady and bus” in Hermès history to the latest autumn and winter “neon Hermes” in 2016, you see a story behind each Hermès silk scarf -this is an artist from all over the world. The designer’s thought.


For example, this year’s latest “Neon Hermès”, it emits vitality embellishment of the Hermes brand letter with lighting, plus jumping color, as if he is in a wonderful magic performance with Broadway.


Neon Hermès 90 cm oblique silk trunice designer Dimitr Irybaltchenko

Imagine that the cold winter wrapped a large piece of warm color to the street, and it was instantly warm. You who do n’t want to match dark colors, you can also match light -colored tops and thick heel shoes. Retro fashionable, bring it to date with your beloved!

In addition to the function of the silk scarf, the Hermes scarf is also regarded as a famous painting to appreciate it. It is also fashionable to decorate it in the living room and the bedroom.

Since 1937, Hermes launched the first silk scarf series on the 100th anniversary of the brand. Hermes’ silk scarf has always been an immortal legend in the fashion industry.

The Scarf: Jeu Des Omnibus et Dames Blanches) woodcarvings are printed

The first Hermes silk scarf was born was inspired by the jacket, named: lady and bus. The pattern is a hatchback public carriage between the Malan Temple and the buses in Paris, which is based on an ancient game popular at that time.

Since then, Hermes has launched 12 designs each year, so far more than 100 styles. It invites different artists from all over the world to cooperate every year, asking for different stories behind each silk scarf. Therefore, these invited artists are more like a writer, leading us to explore the fantasy world and unique universe. Essence

For example, the zebra scarf below,

The zebra comes from the Greek mythical Paoshos God Horse. Perjos is a mount of Zeus. Spring water will flow out of the foot hoof, and then Zeus becomes a flying horse. Because the designer loves zebras very much from the wild nature of the African prairie, she decided to rewrite myths, replaced the original white god horse on the zebra coat, and painted the wings as a gorgeous color of a parrot. The unique and exotic flying horse made mythology a lot.

Another example is this Pegasus with surrealism,

Hermes will launch a Quand Soudain series every year. In 2014, this one transformed Hermes’ steed into a super Hermes! On the square scarf, a silent midnight Paris described the Eiffel Tower suddenly sent a signal, as if something was about to move. Guarding Hermès’s steed masks, wearing a cloak, changing figure, raising the horseshoe, as if it was a modern comics flying out of the Perogos halie.


The silk scarf below looks very fairy tale Feel,



Designer: Pierre-MARIE


A magical fairy tale is hidden inside. One day, a prince lost his way back to the palace in order to find his partner in this life. When he met a chestnut tree, he gave him a magical umbrella, and a beautiful bird made of ceramics stands on the tip of the umbrella. The umbrella brought him to the east to the east, from north to south. In the end, when he kissed the lips of the beautiful bird, a doomed girl appeared in front of him. After being returned to the palace by magic, they held a wedding.

Use the model to interpret the silk scarf, the fusion of the man and the silk scarf is also the number of Hermes used

Designer Zoe Pauels (Fifth Element)


The pattern of the square scarf is to place the characters, musical instruments and astrolanes, and these things seem to float in “Ether” (the ancients use this word to point “space”), surrounded by energy particles that generate the vibration field around the vibration field. And light beam. Express a mysterious, dreamy atmosphere.

Hermes designer is good at using ethnic elements

Designer: Antoine TZAPOFF (Apache’s historical origin)

Fantasy, we are in eastern Arizona, USA in 1880. The Indian Warriors wearing Golden Eagle and Yan Yu stand in the middle of the picture, surrounded by symbols symbolizing the universe. In the background, the four mask paintings are derived from the sacrifice scene, and the day, the moon, and the star are the symbol of the universe; the abstract pattern of the hummingbirds and snakes symbolizes the abundant rainwater of all things, Enze and human beings.

The graffiti element reflects the hidden madness of Hermes design. It can be seen that its design style is constantly changing

Designer Kongo


Kongo is one of the co -sponsor of the International Graffiti Art Festival. He invites artists from various countries to paint on the street wall of Bagnolet. These works exude the vivid vitality of the art commune and the metropolis, witnessing the rich and diverse urban culture. This time, Kongo moved his canvas from the cement wall to the scarf fabric. He reviewed this square towel like a wall, let the text run out, let the picture spray, let the color spin, and show the talent, bold and artistic vitality as ever.

▼ Well, Lian

Not let go of psychedelic elements


Designer Pierre Marie (Queen of Red Heart)

The designer once designed a set of god beast play cards for Hermes, and now leads them to a elegant circle dance on the square towel. The players were surrounded by the king of the central government (a horse racing), like the stars holding the moon. The exquisite strokes depict a humorous dream: the fish swallow the clouds, the dragon girls are red makeup to the mirror; the dogs hit the fun, the birds are generous … Extension.

After watching so many foreign designers’ design for Hermes, in fact, some artists were invited to create for Hermes. The first artist who co -worked with Hermes was Shanghai abstract artist

Ding Yi



“China Rhythm” silk scarf, Ding Yi

This silk scarf has refined the contradictions in contemporary Chinese life in an abstract way: tradition and modern, historical and reality, desires and ideals, virtual exaggeration and rigor, chaos and order, noise and rationality, and thus cause mutual confrontation to confront confrontation With the competition, it combines transactions to replace the ups and downs, such as the beat or syllable of music.

A silk scarf has endless magic. If perfectly matches, it can always improve a person’s overall temperament, making the mediocre clothing amazing ~ It seems to change like magic ~ Below, except Hermes, let’s look at other international big big big international big The classic of the brand and the artist.

1. For example


AIKO is known for its popular graphics inspired by comics. This generous scarf fuses Monography pattern, Stephen Sprow’s leopard pattern, Japanese culture elements, and artists’ classic themes, that is, as a symbol of love and beauty, which is a symbol of beauty and beauty female.


Gucci and

Japanese designer Kawaka Ling (2015)

At that time, NOIR ETBLANC and Couleur series were released. There were 11 models in total. Chuanjiu Pauling was designed by himself




Blazon and


Designer Natasha Coverdal




Bulgari and


Heritage/logomania (2014)


Don’t underestimate these silk scarves, each silk scarf is designed through layers.

Take Hermes as an example,

Each silk scarf

From design to the completion of production, it must be continued through rigorous seven workers:


Seven processes

图 Theme concept to pattern fixed manuscript

Pattern engraving · color analysis and net

❸ Color combination

❹ Print color


❺ ❺


❻ ❻ ❻ ❻

装 Quality inspection and packaging.


Each scarf needs 18 months to be born.

A scarf is the result of countless encounters.


After watching these wonderful silk scarves,

Do you also want to have one?


Have you ever thought about it, can you design it yourself?

~ Dangdang ~ The opportunity is here!

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