Too much meat! Winter -in -dressed skirt 12 special feature, 35 -year -old figure slightly fat girls collected up

The most annoying winter in this love and hate is to wear problems.

In this era of sexuality and fashion, it is not easy to match ingenious wear.

Compared with the wearing young women, 35 -year -old+women will choose to prefer mature style.

However, one more key factor should be considered, that is, the body that gradually gets fat.

Although there is no obesity like an aunt, this severe winter makes you more lazy and increased appetite, and the figure of the aunt has been closer a lot. Are you right?

Since I am too lazy to exercise and not give up food, in order not to expose the fat body, the only discount solution is to start with wearing.

For 35 -year -old+women, most of them have been married and have passed the period when they enjoyed their youth.

The keywords that pay more attention to clothes are mature, generous, elegant, atmospheric and so on.

And they also have a certain economic strength, and they have a certain pursuit of clothing brand and quality.

There are more items that can be selected in winter. For many factors analysis, even skirts will be a good choice.

The dress is very friendly to the fat women, and can hide the flesh unscrupulously.

The color of winter should also pay special attention, such as the color of the deciduous system, as well as the camel almond color, and the earth color can be assisted to match.

This time, I will introduce 12 skirts to wear, simple and generous leisure style skirt style, wearing various occasions on weekdays, dating, dinner, and even commuting.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look1

The beautiful and generous black long skirt is very suitable for 35+ ages.

The design of the mature suit collar, the button in the middle is as a placket, which can be understood as a shirt and a skirt.

The design of high waist can show long legs, and high -heeled shoes will highlight the elegant temperament of women.

This dress can create a mature and elegant casual dress style.

The position of the skirt butt can be selected according to the height you want to deduct according to your preference, so that the slit of the cheongsam can be formed in the middle.

Even with black bags, wearing black, it will not make people feel dull.

Mature women can show the fashion taste of superiority as long as they wear it.

The color of the clothes is low -key, calm, and full of winter. When the temperature is low, add a down jacket to go out.


▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look2

This turtleneck white underlines with a large V -neck dress is more layered.

The cotton sense is comfortable to wear, and the elegant dark green shows mature charm and is a very good item.


Choosing the earth -colored bag will not feel childlike.

Because the colors are relatively low -key and look dignified, it is very suitable for creating a mature leisure style.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look3

For checkered enthusiasts, how could there be less plaid dress in the wardrobe.

This dark purple checkered skirt, lace sleeves and skirts to increase details are not easy to monotonous.

With black pantyhose and shoes, the very elegant aristocratic temperament exudes.

It is more suitable for female friends with slightly fat arms, but while showing elegant temperament, you can also feel more gorgeous.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look4


As one of the common guests of street fashion, denim cloth is also very common to use on skirts.

The same is the style of the upper body shirt with a skirt, and a black underperform is used to create a little sense of layering.

With a large bag with high heels, the beauty of women who are instantly revealed.


The band in the middle can choose the suitable lace range according to the thickness of the waist.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look5


This light blue denim dress is more virtuous than the above.


In other words, it is low -key, and the loose rope on the waist is more lively and younger.

With white bags and shoes, bringing out simple and capable elegance.

35+ female friends who like to wear youth may wish to try.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look6

This pile of collar skirts are characterized by the details of the collar, which can play with their favorite shapes.

Color is a relatively low -key and mature stone color. With black socks and shoes, it also gives people a dignified and generous feeling.

Even women with thick fat legs can also hide meat well.

As long as a simple dress can show the fashion trend of the season, so you don’t have to worry about lack of inspiration.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look7

The texture of this single product is slightly harder, and it is matched with a denim skirt to create a layered dress style.


In fact, it looks good with all kinds of trousers. It is versatile and actual.

There is a basic color dress in my hand, so I don’t have to worry about wearing it anymore.

The color of the accessories on the body uses a versatile and white item, which can create a refreshing feeling.


▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look8

Unlike the above, there are more skin on the legs. Friends with beautiful calves can try this way.

With a black hats and high -heeled boots with strong skin texture, the sense of vision of the Western Latin American girl.


The overall feeling can reduce the unique and hot sense of wearing in winter, so that you will distribute different and diverse feminine charm.

Full of fashion colors, the texture of the entire dress greatly improves a lot.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts Wear look9

This is a heavier shirt dress, and the color is very Japanese.

Stepping on black high -heeled shoes, showing a easily casual Japanese urban mature woman style.

The color of the shoes echoes the hat to strengthen the sense of maturity and stability.

The strap design on the waist can modify the waist line and weaken the expansion effect brought by the slightly fat.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts wear look10


Large -striped skirts are featured in the slit position. As long as they are paired with different colors of pants or inner skirts, they immediately have a sense of layering.

This striped dress has a strong and sexy.


Gives elegant and virtuous impression, but with trousers to strengthen leisure!

Although the skirt is fluffy and wide, it can bring a thin effect by stripes and reduce the visual inflation.

▼ Casual Wind Skirts Wear look11


This white dress is selected inside, and there is a beige knit sweater outside.

The color difference between the skirt and the top can still be seen, which can enhance the presence of the same color.

The accessories on the body can also choose a black item, brewing an elegant atmosphere, so that the whole person is full of mature femininity.

The white skirt with black pantyhose and leather shoes, the classic black and white impression given a calm and neat impression.


▼ Casual Wind Skirts Wear look12

This gray long skirt is very strong in the function of hiding.

Even if your body is slightly fat, such as arm, waist, and legs, it can be completely hidden.

The fabric is softer than the loose, and the tailoring design is conducive to activities, even if the aunts wear it.

Even the skirt with black socks and flat shoes can make the whole person look more feminine!

▼ Summary


The gentle and elegant dress can add a little gorgeous atmosphere to the wear.

The strong sense of strong dress can wear elegant and dignified femininity.


In this cold winter, the skirts introduced above are generally suitable for indoors and home wearing.


If you consider going out, take some warm jackets and other items.

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