Zhang Yunlong’s early autumn style, wearing different temperament with a shirt, these 5 groups with trendy men’s templates

Shirts will never be absent from men’s wardrobes, but despite being so high, everyone is still difficult to control it. In fact, shirts are definitely not an ordinary item. Choosing the right style design and dressing method can easily lead the fashion trend.


Zhang Yunlong’s five sets of early autumn use the element of the shirt to the extreme. His five groups of styling styles and temperament are different, but they all use the element of shirts to display, which can easily lead the fashion trend. Learn these five sets of men’s matching templates, you can also lead early autumn fashion like Zhang Yunlong.

1. There is no fear of colors and complicated colors, more fashionable combination

When choosing a shirt product, many men’s eyes are too conservative, and most of them will be matched with quite common designs such as solid color or stripes and grids. In fact, you do n’t have to worry about the colors too complicated. The more public printing and color matching will make the shape more colorful. The combination of combination of simplification can be more fashionable.


Zhang Yunlong chose a shirt with a complicated printing design to create a fashionable shape. Based on the white shirt, the messy black graffiti decoration was added to make the whole person look youthful and the trendy increased, and the whole person was full of vitality.

Although the design of the shirt is very public, the overall match is not deliberate, because Zhang Yunlong uses a “combination of simplification” to show fashion. The chaotic shirt and jacket with simple basic white T -shirts, harmonious and generous without losing fashion. The black trousers selected by the bottom are also quite low -key, and it will not be loud, set off the personality of the shirt, and at the same time make the shape more decent.

Second, half -sleeved shirt fresh and casual, dark color is not dull

In addition to creating innovation on the color, it can also be changed in color matching methods. Zhang Yunlong’s stitching color -colored shirt is so. It not only has a simple and low -key shirt, but also can add personality through contrasting color to make the match look more trendy.

Although in general, Zhang Yunlong chose dark tones, but the matching was not heavy at all. On the one hand, because of the wide version of the cardigan, the overall shape looks elegant, casual and chic. On the other hand, the white used in double sleeves also brightens the whole, making the matching look richer.


Generally speaking, short -sleeved shirts will be a little more energetic and energetic than long -sleeved shirts, and even choosing a deep color matching is no exception. The loose and slightly slender effect can show a bit of cool wind that is a bit of wind, and at the same time, it will not make the shape look bloated and obese, and the fashion effect is quite good.


Third, irregular stitching is more individual, and the short and inside is very long and very long and very long

In addition to a large area of ​​splicing design, the small area of ​​splicing is also quite fashionable. Zhang Yunlong also cooperates with irregular design to make the shape more personalized. In terms of matching, Zhang Yunlong cooperated with the short and external methods to make the male fan better.

From the material point of view, Zhang Yunlong’s shirt -style coat chosen is relatively heavy, but with the lighter color of the color tone, the shape makes the shape look more fresh, and it will not highlight the sense of heavyness. The irregular stitching design also makes the shape more individual and create an unusual male model.


The decent version of the design makes the body line more prominent, and the larger T -shirt shows the sense of vision of the inside and outside, which not only retains the body version of the self -cultivation, but also presents a few casual effects. Choose dark shorts under the next dress, which constitutes a shallow and dark color matching, showing a harmonious dressing.


Fourth, short -sleeved shirts with trousers to create a casual and chic fan

In the early autumn, short -sleeved T -shirts seem to be more practical, but short -sleeved shirts are definitely not to be missed. The loose and generous short -sleeved shirt with a cardigan to wear a pure -colored T -shirt, which can resist the coolness of the early autumn without losing refreshment.

Zhang Yunlong chose this match. The loose short -sleeved shirt made the shape look particularly refreshing. The light -colored cardigan is used as a coat. With the dark inner coat, it can be more straightforward and tall visually. The same color as the pants composition can bring visual extension and create a long body.

At the same time, the loose trousers can also make the whole person look chic with a big increase. The design of the nine -point pants shows the ankle, balances the dullness of dark trousers, and makes the matching more youthful. The combination of this short -sleeved shirt with trousers is a refreshing and chic wind, showing a full -foot manner.

Fifth, solid color matching is not monotonous, the same color matching is more harmonious


Of course, you don’t have to pursue the collision of color matching and the richness of the style when you are dressed. The minimalist style and a single color can also be worn.


Light khaki long -sleeved shirts will make the shape more compatible, showing a street atmosphere. Although choosing a single color, the shape will not look monotonous. After all, the loose effect will not cause a visual burden, and the light color will look fresh and natural.

The same color pants are in accordance with this, showing a full sense of overall. When the tall men control this kind of match, they will often be more brilliant. After all, the visual extension effect presents the same color matching will be better, so that the posture is even more upright.

This product may never be involved in the category of fashion, but for Zhang Yunlong, shirts can completely support the fashion of the entire early autumn. Learn to wear these five sets of wear, you can also be carry on the “show” in the early autumn.


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