Warm and warm! Wuhan University of Science and Technology gave more cotton clothes to more than 2,000 students

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“It is a freshman to a senior year, and three pieces have been received. Today is the fourth one received.” On December 14th, Li Hua (a pseudonym), a senior student of the School of Automobile Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, wearing a new cotton jacket just received from the school. Tell reporters. Recently, Wuhan’s weather was very cold, but he felt warm and warm.


Students receive cotton clothes

On December 14th and 15th, Wuhan University of Science and Technology issued winter clothes subsidies to more than 2,000 students in the school’s two campuses. Students can receive new cotton clothes on the spot with winter clothing coupons. Polar news reporters saw that there were many types of cotton jackets at the scene, long, short, medium -long, pink, purple, white, black, women’s and men’s types added less than 20 models. There are also test mirrors next to the dress display area, which is convenient for students to choose styles to watch.

“I come to receive it every year, and I still get the clothes I have received today. The quality is pretty good. I have been worn until now. Our boy has not used a few clothes in winter. It can be used in other learning life. “Wang Xiao (a pseudonym) of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the school said. On the 14th, he chose a short white cotton jacket that was previously scheduled.


Students choose cotton clothes


Many students are scheduled to be booked on the school’s official website applet before they come to get cotton clothes. According to Mr. Zhu Min, a student working department (office) student funding and service center, students can apply in advance through the “wut cold clothing subsidy” applet. According to her, this cold clothing subsidy is mainly based on students with economic difficulties in the 2021 freshmen, and students from other grades of family have special economic difficulties.

Students can not only apply online, but also understand the style of the clothes, and book their favorite clothes styles and sizes. The school contacted the manufacturer according to the student order and provides appropriate clothes for each student. In two days, more than 2,000 students took the cold clothing coupon to the distribution center to receive. Most of the students who came to receive were very happy. “The roommate will have a class, and I will help to receive it together. We have never expected that the school will send us cotton clothes, and it feels very warm.” Said Zhang Wen (a pseudonym) of the school of the School of Information at the School of Information.

Student and teacher exchange

At the scene, the teacher talked with the students cordially to understand the situation of the students from getting clothes and learning. “The funding work of difficult students is very important. Our school has established a comprehensive funding system in this regard. We have done it for 18 years of work. Every year, more than 2,000 students have received new clothes. People. We will continue to do this job and let more students feel the care of the school. “Xiong Bing, Minister of the Student Work Department of the school.

Take a group photo

Teacher Zhu Min added that as early as the 1990s, the school began to distribute winter clothes for students for free. At the beginning, the school distributed military coats for free students, and the distribution of military coats maintained for many years. “Although the military coat has a good effect on the cold, the color style is single, and it is not very convenient to wear students to go out. Since 2003, the school has opened the” cold clothing subsidy “project and began to distribute new cotton clothes of different styles.” Zhu Min said.

For more than 10 years, the school has been adjusted many times on the “Cold Clothing Subsidy” activities, and the form of funding has become closer and closer to students ‘needs, and enters the students’ hearts. “Every year, we see so many students to receive new cotton clothes, and we also feel very warm. Funding points are still educating people. The school is a powerful backing for students to study and develop. Through this piece of cotton clothes Feeling the care of the party and the country, I also hope that everyone will learn to be self -reliance and report to the motherland after learning. “Xiong Bing said.

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