Ceramic spray application industry and advantages

Metal surface ceramic spray: Applying a layer of ceramic layer of the metal surface, which has the strength and toughness of the metal, but also the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance of ceramics. Ceramic wear -resistant spray technology has been successfully applied to aviation, aerospace, national defense, chemical, machinery, electric power, cables, electronics, papermaking and other industries.

Thermal spraying technology is heated through heat sources such as flames, arcs or plasma, and heated a certain wire or powder material to melt or semi -melt, and accelerates the formation of high -speed melting droplets, sprayed to the substrate to form coatings, thereby the surface of the material surface Performance (abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, etc.) is strengthened or regenerated to protect, and the parts of parts caused by wear or processing are reduced. At the same time, the surface of the material can also be given special performance (electricity, light, magnetic, etc.).



1. The ingredients of the spraying material are not restricted. They can be selected as needed, and a composite coating can also be formed.

2. The temperature of the substrate is low, and the temperature of the workpiece can be kept at 30-200 ° C.

3. The thickness range of the coating is wide, from tens of microns to 1 mm.

4. The spraying equipment is simple, the device can be moved directly to the on -site spraying, the operation process is small, the efficiency is high, and the coating forms fast.

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