How can autumn and winter be cool? Wind -keeping and warm and handsome, everyone is good -looking

Hello everyone.


Now it is a meteorological weather. What clothes do you wear recently? Many friends put on trench coats and down jackets. But I see female celebrities and fashionable people’s street shots, I found wearing


Leather jacket

There are still many people. And it is beautiful and stingy, very feeling.

Leather clothes are quite suitable for wearing in late autumn. The warm and windproof effect is better than other clothes. The key is that this dress has a handsome feeling, comparison


It is also very heroic. It is fashionable and individual. There are many styles of leather clothes, but the most popular is this short locomotive leather jacket,

Properly and high

And do not pick people. Anyone who looks good.

Although short small leather clothes are very common, but

The matching space is still quite large

Essence Let’s introduce the three kinds of small leather jackets today to see if there is a look you like.

It is good to choose an artificial locomotive leather jacket, environmentally friendly and fashionable

Before talking about the matching of leather clothes, let’s talk about how to choose leather clothes. Although many people like leather jackets, indeed, leather clothes are good. Warm and windproofing is also very good. But the cost of leather is relatively high. In addition, the current technology is more developed, and the imitation skin can be done


It is cheap. Can

Come and put it on

In addition, the imitation leather is also compared

Environmental friendly


As for the style, this basic black locomotive leather jacket is the most practical, versatile and classic. And very high, very friendly to people who are not tall. Let’s take a look at how to wear leather clothes this year.

Fashionable girls are using short leather clothes and tight pants, which is very high and very stylish


We used to say that when wearing short tops, it is best to match loose underneath, which is more decent. But this year is different, the most fashionable match is to wear one

Short top with a pair of tights

Essence It is high and handsome. However, this combination of combination has a higher requirements for the body. The legs should be thin, and there is no small belly.


Locomotive leather clothes are a short jacket, so many people wear this leather jacket with tight pants. The mix of Jikhis in the picture above is very representative.

The most matching color with black leather clothes is black and white. Put a white T -shirt in the leather coat and stuff the T -shirt into the pants. The bottom is black tight pants and black shoes. Shoes and pants are very long.

The short top with tight body pants is best wider, so that the legs are thin. The upper width and narrow matching is more pleasing to the eye.

Match with black locomotive leather clothes



A lot, tightly like


The same is the most tide. But if you feel that too tight pants are not easy to control. You can choose one outside

Tights leggings jeans

It is best to bring a little holes, which is more atmospheric. If your legs are thin enough, this tight pants can still have some room.

As for the color, black leather clothes are very versatile,


Black, dark gray or blue tight pants

It’s all possible. The picture above Zhang Junning is good.

Some friends may think that the particularly short leather jacket with tight pants is too beautiful, and the leather clothes can be slightly longer. Just cover the hips. This looks safer.

Inner rice, white or gray bottoming sweater, put on black leggings underneath. Retrinous and fashionable. have to be aware of is,

Shoes must be the same color as pants

This is the only way

Long legs


There are many combinations of short leather clothes and leggings. If you don’t want to expose your hips, in the leather coat

Inner clothing can grow

Essence So more body. And it is also very layered. The combination of Wu Xuanyi in the picture above is very good.


Black short leather jackets with lightweight long -colored long skins, put on tight pants. so


Short -term

Very fashionable. At the same time, it is very atmospheric. This combination is suitable for all body types. Everyone wears a good way to wear. It is also very high.

Short leather clothes with wide -leg pants or straight pants are very stylish, thin and fashionable, not picking people

Black short leather jackets with tight pants are trendy and neat. But the body’s requirements are relatively high. so


The matching is still a loose pants to this dress. Like wide -leg pants or straight pants are good.

This year, white pants are very popular, so you can wear black leather shirts in black leather clothes like Xin Yanlei and wear a pair of white wide -leg pants. It is highly comfortable and refreshing. Her color is good. White hats and white pants are smooth. Black leather jacket and black inner and shoes are smooth.

You often wear jeans, and this pants and black locomotive leather clothes are also a pair of good CP. Choose a pair of dark blue denim straight pants, which is thin and comfortable. Put this pants with a short black leather jacket and choose a black turtleneck sweater. Simple and generous and trendy.

Patching with short leather jeans is best


There is a little looseness, not tight. Not too loose, too loose can show thick legs. The girl’s match above is very beautiful. Just wear it.

The matching space of black leather jackets is very large. You can match this dress

Black straight pants


The suit pants of ordinary fabrics, or black leather pants are good. Blacks up and down, but because of different materials and different tones. It seems not so dull.

There are many loose pants with black short leather clothes. In terms of color,

Black, white and denim blue

It is the most suitable.

Short leather clothes with dress are also beautiful, handsome and elegant, pretty cool.

Short motorcycle leather coat is one

The leisure wind is very strong

, But you can also wear it

Elegant charm

Essence That is to match this leather dress with a dress. In principle, black leather clothes can be combined with any color dress. But the best is a black dress, which will increase a coolness.


How to wear it? See the picture above, a black short leather jacket with a large V -neck dress with a long dress and a pair of boots. The skirt is best to split, and it can be added in Shuaiku to add one


Black locomotive leather clothes are relatively tough items, so it is best to match the dress

Women’s taste is stronger

This kind of mix and match can have charm. The neckline slim dress is best. If the skirt has a split or irregular shape, it is even more tide.

The shoes with leather clothes and dresses are preferably boots. This is not only warm, but also cool.

Well, that’s how you put on the dressing of small leather coats. Is there something you like on the above combination?

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