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The stainless steel 201 cable is accompanied by the promotion of your life. Everyone pays more attention to the fun and taste of life, and the red wine is also very popular by everyone with high quality taste. Today, wine is a healthy drink, which is a gift of gifts, and the decoration of the office. Due to the popularity of wine, the red wine rack for red wine is also more diversified.

Today’s wine frame is to better facilitate red wine or weigh, and the other is to use red wine to do decoration. Today’s red wine rack style, a variety of materials, and the wine rack has a large red wine cabinet, small and medium-sized small bar small wine, there is also a few can set a single bottle of wine. I often say that the stainless steel red wine rack is such a small red wine support.

Now, if you want to make red wine, or do decoration like red wine, they are all the same feature is to have sufficient load capacity, so the materials used are more hard, and now the common stainless steel frames Materials are: stainless steel, electroplated copper, stainless steel is all harder, can bear the net weight of red wine. Red wine is all used as a high-end drink, and its hardware configuration must have a good quality. Today’s wine racks are also used to do with iron, but iron is easy to rust, other electroplated copper, stainless steel will fade, so the red wine rack of stainless steel is more popular.


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As a professional stainless steel production and sales enterprise, metal material materials are equipped with stainless steel cables that are suitable for wrough iron accessories. One is a harder stainless steel full-hard, there are 304 and 316 materials, and the cable lines are 3.0 to 6.0mm. Various selection cables, which can be used to make a stainless steel red wine rack; there is also one A more soft stainless steel wire, mainly the formation characteristics is better, and a diversified ripple can be diversified.


The style of the iron fitting stainless steel wine cabinet is different. The hardness of the material is different. The selected materials are not the same. Everyone has a variety of strength and materials, and there are 0.1 to 6.0mm standard cable. If you have a message, you must leave a message online.

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