Disney -style couples wear! How can Luo Zhixiang Zhou Yangqing wear the “fairy tale”?

The “Disney -style couple wearing” created by Japanese female painter Meecosme became popular on the Internet, each set is super sweet and beautiful! The creative elements include the Disney princesses and princes we are familiar with, including Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, Prince White Horse and Princess White Snow, Beast and


Princess Bell


, Prince Feili and Princess Elot, Prince Alex and Princess Alier and so on.

Created clothing also considers the color of Disney’s original work, such as Princess White Snow’s Blue and Xiayao Princess Skirt, which is improved for blue V -neck sweater with yellow A -line skirt; Princess Bell’s bright yellow tube top princess skirt, improved for sleeveless slim night late The skirt is paired with fur; Sleeping beauty Princess Elot’s pink white gradient princess skirt, improved into white shoulder top with light powder skirt; it looks more fashionable, modern, and daily.


In fact, this is not the first time that Disney fairy tales or animations are based on the creation of clothing matching. Disney Style has launched 4 classic Disney couples.


1. “Flying House Travels”

The first set of couple protagonists in “Flying House Travels” is marked by the protagonist Carl and Ali as a reference object, with the sunny adventure spirit and optimism as the sign. Essence It is not obtrusive to make a large number of balloons to make a large number of balloons used to Disneyland. The circular pendant on the necklace is very chic, which is also reminiscent of the colorful balloon.


2. “Magic Fantastic Fate”

The second set is to consider the Rapunzel and Flynn couple in the Disney movie “Long Hair Princess”. Inspired by the Rapunzel Flower Ring and Flynn Rider Navy tops, the men’s elastic denim cloth top with khaki casual pants was launched. The women’s purple skirt was improved into a sweet flower dress, and the camera was the last shot of their adventure. Finally, Converse’s couple canvas shoes are the finishing touch.


3. “Lion King”


The third set from the classic Disney drama “Lion King”. Because Simba and Nala are both lions, only the camel color schemes can be referred to, but this is obviously enough. This set of Hawaii style, Miguelina’s tassel suspender top and Chicnova printed shorts. Exotic earrings and strap sandals. Simba’s T -shirt comes from Burberry with brown casual pants and cat eye sunglasses.

4. “Mickey Mouse”

Of course, Disney couples are definitely the most representative Mickey and Minnie. This group of wearing is the main tone of simple and stylish black, white, and red. The red ripple vest top is paired with a black hip skirt, and the red high heels come from Alexander Barnam Kun. Men’s three -piece suit with Loake leather shoes. Carefully decorated with red wave dot pocket square scarf, Minnie -style cross -body bag, can be called



Couple stalls are standard.

The Tisney couples are inspired by artistic creation. INS artist Iguunii. She combines Disney characters and realistic characters, giving people a fairy tale cross -dimensional sense of reality. The same frame.

In her brush, Princess Disney and the princes have fantasy modern life. Among them, fashion autumn and winter wear can also provide us with a reference. The princess’s Guling sweater with pencil pants, red plaid cardigan with jeans and short boots, black coats with pantyhose Martin boots; prince’s sweater denim jacket, shirt casual pants with rice -colored arranged coat, are all classic and stylish classic combinations. Vitality, leisure or business, different styles are defined by you.

Recently, Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing traveled to Japan Disney. The two dressed in a black and one red couple sweater dotted Minnie element, which was also a sweet screen! Although there is no positive photo, it is rare to contribute a wave of Disney couples for the first time.

It’s New Year’s Day, do you plan to go to Disney Park? It doesn’t matter, in short, couples are worn to study, and they must be warm and sweet below the winter ~ No male or girlfriend? Pay attention to the comments below the president, the president can only help you here ~

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