Ruyi, safe and auspicious! Ruyi Ping An buckle

Ping An is the simplest wish of the Chinese!

In the past few years, it is destined to be “extraordinary” years

We are more eager for the peace of ourselves, relatives and friends

At this special time

We will

Royal Fortune’s “Ruyi Ping An buckle”

Bring to everyone


[Forbidden City · Ruyi Ping An buckle]

▲ 5 grams of sterling silver 999


25mm diameter inner diameter 7mm

Ping An buckle is carved

Sanskrit Six -character Mantra 108 times

, Say a safe and happy!

Royal quality

This Ruyi Ping An buckle


Inherit the royal craftsmanship and reach the royal level

Launched on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City



Forbidden City · Ruyi Ping An buckle

May everyone be peaceful and long for a long time!

Site from the cultural relics of the Palace Museum

Ruyi Ping An buckle prototype comes from the Song Dynasty in the Palace Museum

“White Jade Tattoo Wall”


Ping An Dang was called “Wall” in ancient Chinese, which is a traditional Chinese accessories


Direwal evil, disaster -exempt, keep in and out of peace


The appearance is full of round, complete, and light moisturizing

“The Word of Harmony of the Golden Mean” that is in line with China

Exquisite craftsmanship

Ruyi Ping An buckle uses manual polishing


Create a rounded arc, the lines are naturally smooth

The feel is particularly full and rich

On the smooth and round and peaceful buckle

Cutting text is difficult


The text is very small, but it is clear and clear, the arrangement is regular

Six -character mantra, Chinese character transliteration as (ōng) (mā)

Where (nī) (bēi) Mi (mēi) 吽 (hòng)

The six -character mantra is the mantra of the Guanyin Bodhisattva Bodhisattva

Symbolize the compassion and blessing of all the bodhisattvas


108 times the six -character mantra indicate to be positive hundred and eighty -three,


Broken 108 troubles

“Six Characters” is engraved on Ping An buckle

People who are willing to wear Ruyi, safe and auspicious!

Also paired with hand -woven lanes

And the characteristic Ruyi Cloud Head

nice packing

Ping’an buckle packaging

“Xianglong Packaging”

The overall color is the Forbidden City

“Palace Wall Red”

Red belongs to fire,

Represents good luck

The dragon pattern on the packaging surrounds the square characters

The dragon used is the exclusive “Zhenglong” of the emperor

Respecting the majesty, Longyou Ping An

The inside of the packaging box is decorated with the treasure of the Town Hall of the Palace Museum

Wang Ximeng

“Thousands of Rivers and Mountains” wonderful clips

While appreciating the product

You can also feel the long inheritance of Chinese culture

Auspicious ceremony

In ancient times, people often hung the waistline

This traditional custom has spread to this day

I often give gifts to relatives and friends

Men’s wearing display


Modesty, elegant


Women wear the finishing touch with clothes

Give people a kind of people in a hot summer


Fresh, dignified and elegant



It can also be used as a hanging ornament, keychain, and mobile phone chain


Plugging, car hanging, etc.

Whether you give it to others, or collect or wear yourself

It’s very suitable

Wear a concern and Ping An on his body!

Ping An buckle is carved

Sanskrit Six -character Mantra 108 times

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