The kitchen socket installation is full strategy, you need to figure out these sizes before installing the house

The kitchen is a delicious area. In order to create more delicious foods


It is necessary to rely on many electronic equipment, especially the kitchen

The corresponding socket design is also particularly important. To make the use of the kitchen more reasonable

The location of the socket is very important. How to plan reasonably? Is the topic we are going to discuss today

Clarify the demand for kitchen sockets

At the beginning of considering the resettlement socket, you need to figure out what the electrical appliances you need to install first


How to place the electrical appliances designed in each area, so

Under normal circumstances, the socket atmosphere: standard socket and alternative socket

The standard socket is mainly for some important electrical appliances,

Such as: refrigerators, range hoods, microwave ovens, water purifiers, etc.


The alternative socket is some sockets that may not necessarily need

For example: dishwasher, oven, disinfection cabinet, etc.

Specific needs should be selected according to their own cooking habits, so as to adjust the number and location of the socket

Even if you figure out the number of sockets,

You still need to figure out the type of the socket

Because the power of each type of electrical appliances is different and the area is different, the category of choosing the socket is also different.

What kind of socket you want to install, whether it is a switch socket or a five -hole socket

The voltage can be carried, and whether it needs waterproof and so on

About the installation details and size of various electrical sockets

1. Football hood

The existence of the range hood is inevitable during cooking, but there are two most commonly used range hoods today.


Chinese -style range hood and European range hood

The effects of the two are not the same, but some details are different


European -style range hoods need to be placed

The socket location is about 2100mm on the ground

But their power supply position is generally set

Put it behind the hood

, Generally based on the middle position


The purpose of this is to hide the power supply, it looks more beautiful


And Chinese -style range hoods are generally in

2100mm is about around

But the position of the socket should be adjusted according to the location of the flue

If there is a flue on the left, the socket is usually placed on the right, the flue is on the right, and the socket is usually placed on the left

In this way, the flue will not block the socket, and at the same time, it can ensure that the power cord is not wrapped, bent, and squeezed.


Make the life of the range hood longer

2. Microwave oven


In the kitchen, the utilization rate of microwave oven is very high

So when decorating, be sure to reserve the sockets for the microwave oven

In the kitchen, there are generally three types of microwave ovens:

Kitchen table, hanging cabinet and floor cabinet


Today, the microwave oven is placed on the hanging cabinet, which will not occupy too much.


The height of the phase of the socket is also as much as possible at the same height,

Generally around 1800mm

Try to open a 50mmd hole on the bottom plate on the back of the cabinet to pass through the plug

If it is placed on the table, there is no too many requirements. You can place it according to the placement, just place it above it


The height is located on the table 300mm

That’s it, it is convenient and practical, and it can be replaced with various electrical appliances

3. Overy/disinfection cabinet

Nowadays, people’s quality of life will choose some oven or disinfection cabinets to use

Or the two have at the same time, but the huge electrical design,

It is usually embedded in the cabinet

The corresponding socket design must also be installed according to the height of the cabinet

If it is hanging on the wall,

About 2000mm from the ground is about 2000mm

The vertical formula is placed in the floor cabinet,

The socket is generally about 500mm from the ground

You need to open a 50mmd hole on the bottom plate in the cabinet to pass through the plug

After inserting it, it will not be unplugged after it is inserted, and the beauty is also practical

4. Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a high -power and not easy to move.

The corresponding socket location is generally placed behind the refrigerator to reduce the beauty of exposure to the environment.

In order to facilitate the insertion, one

In the case, the height of the socket is about 300mm or 1500mm

However, due to the large daily power of the refrigerator, the choice of sockets must be fine

You need to choose the socket switch that can carry a large power, and try to add safety equipment as much as possible

Reduce the power too much and cause the wire load to be large, causing the fire to harm the fire

5. Little kitchen treasure and garbage processor switch below the pool

Remember to reserve some sockets in the cabinet under the pool


The purpose is to install electrical appliances such as garbage processors, kitchen treasures or water purifiers

These electrical appliances need to be installed below the pool, so the socket must be added


The position of the socket is generally about 500mm from the ground

And place it in the position where it is easy to contact for easy operation


Since the socket is below the pool,

So try to add the type of socket with a waterproof cover


Avoid leakage harm caused by leakage, if you can also choose a design with switches to add a guarantee to safety

6. The socket reserved for small electrical appliances

There are many small electrical appliances in life that need to be added

, For example: rice cooker, coffee machine, electric pan, etc.

Generally only when it is used, you need to reserve some socket positions for these electrical appliances

The sockets here are generally selected with five -hole and ground design.

About 1200mm from the ground

Must remember

Do not place it above the pool and stove

, Reduce the risk of leakage

Summary: The above is the category of the needs of the kitchen socket. If you are about to start planning the kitchen, you may wish to install it according to the above content!

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