Warm Wang Xingren needs the following artifacts to take good care of it

Compared to the cat -like cat -like cats, the Wang Xingren is the leader in the world of warming the heart. The round eyes are all the owners, and the tail shakes because of the master, the owner and the owner, and the enthusiasm. Therefore, for a (or) blue star who has a (or) cute dog, Wang Xingren is a unique companion and is a special existence outside the family and friends. In fact, to be a better Wang Xingren, they can also need more love to accompany you for longer life.


In addition to daily dog ​​food, dogs also like to eat snacks. Appropriate snacks can increase the interaction between people and Wang Xingren. Sometimes, dogs need to be encouraged to do the right thing. You can also choose to use small snacks as a source of power.

Small snacks suitable for dogs include dried meat, cheese, starch, and special snacks (bite, cleansing function).

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护


暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Generally, jerky snacks are the most loved by Wang Xingren. Most of the owners will eat chicken jerky for dogs, a small amount of pork and beef, and many clever owners who will choose to make their own meat for cute pets.

Chicken soup flavor grilled chicken small breasts

Dairy products:

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Dairy products (cheese and the like) are also one of the snacks that dogs like, and it is conducive to the dog’s gastrointestinal motility, and has a certain adjustment effect.

Dehydration cheese 100%pure cheese 470g


Starch snacks are a bit like small biscuits eaten, but considering the pet gastrointestinal problem, there will be no too many seasonings inside. Compared with meat, starch snacks do not use dogs to indigenize, leading to diluted phenomena.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Special snacks:

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Not only the snacks for Wang Xingren, but also some special functions to grind teeth or cleaning teeth. For example, dog bite glue is beneficial to puppy dogs who are growing teeth, helping to reduce pain when long teeth; The second chewing can play a role in cleaning the spots. You can have a good teeth without brushing; the bite of mint with components such as mint can also help Wang Xingren have a healthy tone.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

“Meng Creative” about dog eating

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

No pet bowl

Of course, there is a sentence that says that said that. I do n’t pay attention to the dinner of the tableware. There is no quality at all (well, this sentence is blind), if you are the master who pursues the perfect life of life, I believe that for Wang Xingren Tableware will also be required.

The “never dumped” pet bowl made from Japanese designers for dogs. The bowl mouth has a reduction effect and can make the size and dog’s head almost enough. It is enough to put it in the bowl. Food with food; in addition, the special appearance of this small bowl is because of the special weight design at the bottom, which can make it like a tumbler. You don’t have to worry about the dogs over the bowl. When you go to the corner, you do n’t have to run around the house to make you anxious and crazy. And it can help the anxious Wang Xing people to eat slower to avoid gastrointestinal problems.

In addition to the official website of this fell -like feeding tableware, there are also sold on third parties in Japan and Asia. There are two sizes and 3 colors. If you are interested, you may wish to understand.

Smart feeder

For the owner of the office worker out of work and forget the dogs at home when they are busy, they are really hungry and thirsty; if the owner is filled with food in the dog bowl in advance, it may also cause dogs to be prone to overeating. Therefore, there are now a lot of the price of a lot of feeders from more than 50 to thousands of yuan. The purpose is to solve the problem of Wang Xingren’s rations in a scientific and healthy way.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Isn’t it more happy if there is an artifact that can accompany cute pets and intelligent feeding? FOOBLER looks like recovering the pet elven ball, in fact it is a ball that can play for Wang Xingren; of course, its function is a feeder with 6 storage tanks, which are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 60 minutes, and 60 minutes and 60 minutes and 60 minutes and 60 minutes. The timing lock device of the 90 -minute option can be set for 9 hours. You can automatically open the dog food from the time of the host’s setting, and it will automatically fall out of the lock. At the same time, the bell notify the dog to open meals. It can ensure that the dog’s exercise amount of exercise at work, and you can also eat full, so it is pretty good to accompany you to play and play.

Put on

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

For Wang Xingren, who has become a human pet, because his body temperature and regulation have become small sensitive, of course, because your own immune system is adjusted, the need for dogs to dress is actually not very large.

However, a dog with weak body fat needs to consider adding clothes appropriately. The autumn wind is getting colder and the temperature is changeable. Dogs who go out for a walk can consider changing to new clothes. Dirty, and as a Wang, occasionally with new clothes, it is also a cool thing to turn into the wind.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Wang Xingren’s clothes

It is close to Halloween at the end of the moon, and occasionally ghosts, it is really fun.

Star Wars The same pet clothes

, Selling in the United States and Asia is great, it is exactly that many crooked nuts choose the “iron -blooded” battle for their own pets.

The new dogs inspired by the Star Wars are also cool.

Of course, my big Taobao will not fall into the wind in creativity,

Denim riding horses

Does the man who set the dog make all the dogs on the street be a sense of vision? Is it a feeling of whistling on the street and no one to intercept when wearing dogs?

Dogs put on various clothing, you can only give one sentence: You are Meng Shang Meng ~

My Neighbor Totoro Version Meng Pet New clothes

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Little Huang Ren Meng Pets New Clothing

Team Meng Pet New Clothing

Wang Xingren shoes

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Especially when it rains or travels after snow, in order to avoid injury or staining the dog’s feet, you can also choose to put on small shoes for Wang Xingren when going out.

The owner can let the dog stand on the paper first, and use a pen to draw the circle along the dog’s feet. Note that when drawing the dog’s feet, you need to press the whole foot, and draw the entire footprint to draw the entire footprint. , Such a push for the remaining three feet in turn. After drawing, use the ruler to measure the longest and widest number of dog feet. It is best to choose 0.1cm to 0.6cm longer than the dog’s feet.

Jelly waterproof pet rain boots


暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Dogs are naturally indispensable for their own peace nest. What the owner needs to do before buying a dog nest is to understand the body shape of the dog -the body is long (the dog’s straightened body measures), weight, etc. The 2-3 times small nest is the most suitable. Because the nest is not conducive to activities, in fact, the larger nest allows the dog to stand easily, turn around, and rest will be more comfortable.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Big dog nest

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

As the so -called master (home) produces, the nest is big, the second generation of the two generations of the Wang Xingren will give the dog a super luxurious nest, such as the Cocoa of President Wang, the luxury nest of Kingsize, is indeed enviable “dog”.

Wang Coco’s leucoma nest

In fact, the same paragraph can also be easily found in a certain treasure. For large dogs similar to Golden Mao Er, such a luxurious nest is also a very good choice. At the same time, it is easier for the owner to clean up the hair.

Autumn and winter large dog nest

Dog nest

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Human beings often joke that their residence is a kent buy. In fact, Wang Xingren’s nest may be more fun and creative under the owner’s brain. Small nests of small dogs such as Teddy Giza can also be warm and creative.

Demolition of Cushion Pet Nest Shark Edition


For Wang Xingren, walking every day is a very necessary step for Wang Shengzhong. After all, like sports and freedom is the nature of every dog. Dogs can go out for a walk in 4-5 months. After all, adequate exercise is good for health, avoiding often nesting at home to cause obesity. You can also take the opportunity to be friends with other dogs, say goodbye to loneliness, and cultivate a good personality.

If you allow it, it is best to insist on taking dogs to take a walk every morning and evening. Small dog walks for about 10-20 minutes, medium-sized dogs are about 20-30 minutes, and large dogs are available in 30 minutes to 1 hour. In fact, for dogs, they can adjust the time appropriately without walking every day, such as going out the next day. It is found that Wang Xingren began to get used to this walking law to adjust the time interval again, so that he did not worry about the dog as soon as he reached a fixed time.

For the dog walking, it is best to take the dog and walk slowly step by step. The amount of exercise is not too much, which is also conducive to the interaction between people and dogs. One, so the owner wants to lead the traction belt to avoid the dog’s unexpectedly, causing bad misunderstandings.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

The traction rope on the pet market is generally divided into chest and back type and collar type. Short -haired small dogs are best to wear chest and back type, which is also more comfortable for dogs. Large dogs are best to choose collar to facilitate the owner to better pull the dog. However, the disadvantage is that it may be threatened, and the comfort may be average.

Either the collar or the back of the chest. When you come back, you must help the dog unload the equipment to avoid compressing the hair.

Reflective pet traction rope+chest strap large medium -sized dog

Dog collar

The general collar will be made of leather, nylon and metal materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. For example, the cortex collar is durable and the dog is comfortable to wear. For example, it is a cylindrical cortex collar that prevent the dog’s hair wrapped together, but because the contact area is small, it may be uncomfortable when the owner drags the dog; It is affordable, the selection style is diverse, the color is charming, fresh and convenient, but the chemical fiber composition and hair are easy to friction, and it is also easy to dip the dog’s fine hair; the metal collar is generally an iron collar used for large dogs, even if it is a large dog, it is a large dog. It is also quite solid, but it is easy to rust in improper maintenance. It depends on the owner’s given.

Generally, the appropriate collar is selected. It is best to reserve the width of 2 fingers under normal wear. Do not hold the dog’s neck. In addition, there must be a fast unlocking button to avoid unlocking in emergency situations. When you go out, you can attach eye -catching labels in Wang Xingren’s collars -including all the dog’s information and the owner’s contact information to avoid the tragedy of loss.

Cortical pet neck circle

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Walking the dog three treasures, in addition to the traction rope, collar and toilet, civilized walking dog, it is best to bring the toilet. Even if there is no, at least the newspaper must carry one with you, which is convenient for the dog to clean up.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Pet pickup

For dogs who love to eat out of random food, walking outside can help the dog add a pair of mouths to prevent it.

Since I have this mouth, I have no worries about being robbed at night.

Soft silicone duck pets anti -bite mouth case

“Black Technology” about walking dogs

RobodyNamics proposed a robot project that was almost a big robot such as a real person in 11 years, and finally the robot was finally crowdfunded through Kickstarter at the beginning of this year.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Equipped with a high-definition camera, microphone, speaker, a 8-inch LCD touch screen, and a handled hand, you can choose robots with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth components to help humans perform simple daily activities, such as taking care of the elderly, supervision of supervision, supervision Warehouse, and walking dogs.

However, unfortunately this time the crowdfunding is not successful, but since there is a “technology imitation”, I believe that more is closely related to cuteness, and it can also liberate the “black technology” of the owner.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Various smart dog brands

In 2015, wearable smart devices also continued to continue to penetrate all aspects of life, including Wang Xingren. For example, a variety of smart dog brands or locations, not only can GPS track the positioning of the Wang Xingren, but also check the sports data as soon as possible, and even send instructions to Wang Xingren remotely. Various bracelets.

Wang Coco, who has two Apple Watch in the pet industry

The pet version of Fitbit can view the various health indexes of pets.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Pet dog wireless wearable event tracker


Dogs usually need toys to accompany “dogs”. After all, the owner cannot accompany himself at all times. Small toys can help the dog reduce stress, transfer the dog’s emotions, and consume the dog’s energy to avoid bite the furniture in the home.

Wang Xingren is also a master of “happy new and hates the old”, so it is best to have a variety of toys. At the same time, there must be at least three toys that can be played. Properly converting toys will make Wang Xingren interested in small toys and do not abandon them so quickly.

Choosing toys should prefer toys suitable for dogs. If you are too young, you will not get much fun on the toy; too big dogs will feel laborious when playing.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Different types of dogs of different types of dogs have different hobbies for toys. Large -scale working dogs such as Rowella, German shepherd dogs, and Du Bowen, like toys you like, are all big pieces. , Classic bite and pull toy. And Golden Retriever Tour Dogs, Labrador, such as Gun Hunter with a bloodline, prefers ball movements. So choose a small toy according to the dog’s personality.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

What are the welcomed by Wang Xingren?


暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

It is best to choose a small ball made of rubber or polyethylene. It is relatively safe and not easy to be bitten by the dog and stuck the throat. Generally, dogs’ favorite is the elastic and sound -sounding balls. In addition, many small balls in the market will have a molar effect.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Rubber Ding Ding Dang (Tomlet)


It is also one of the bite toys. Generally, it can also help dogs to grind their teeth and clean their teeth. It is best to choose cotton -weaving toys. If it is a clever master, this small toy can be made by itself.

Dog -resistant dog knot

Plush toy

It is best to choose a cloth that is completely cloth. Now many plush toys will fill small plastic particles. Once the dog accidentally bites, it is worrying.

Dog bite glue

Polyethylene and latex dogs will make a sound when bite and bite, as well as the taste of bones and meat, which is also the favorite of dogs.

Sound dog bite glue

Flying tray

Playing a flying tray is an effective game between the owner and the dog. According to the dog’s body shape, not all Wang Xingren are suitable for flying disks. Like the spine, the body shape is not very compact, and the Beijing -Pakistan is not suitable for this mini game. of.

Generally, dogs are full of 6 months, and the owner can complete the body with the right training and the dog for flying games through appropriate training.

Little squirrel dog flying disk

“High -tech toys” about dogs

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Real time without dead angle shooting+snack delivery machine

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

When the owner is busy outside, the cute pets will inevitably be lonely, as if knowing how the dogs are playing at home? You can help Petzi Treat Cam+snack machine help. The built -in resolution is 720P camera, and a microphone and speakers are added at the same time, which can directly talk to the cute pet based on the network connection. You can also share the major social media through the camera to help Meng pet selfies. It is more interesting that a pet biscuit storage box is also set in the box. You can place 100 pieces of small biscuits. PETZI TREAT CAM also attaches great importance to the details. The angle of the biscuits can be adjusted according to the installation location.

Petzi Treat Cam

Daily care

The cute Wang Xingren, although comparison with the two, needs to be careful in life.

Dog toilet

Dogs are actually very clean. Specifications are a kind of instinct for their ancestors when they live in the wild. When the owner lives busy, it is impossible to ensure that the dogs are walking on time, so the dog only relies on the dog toilet.

How to train dogs to go to their own dog toilets? The owner can put the paper (newspapers, diapers) with dog urine on the dog toilet. After the dog meals or wake up, if you find that the puppy appears or smells around, you must immediately put the dog immediately. To the right toilet location, the dogs used the dog toilet correctly, so they should be rewarded immediately; if defecation elsewhere, it should be stopped immediately and immediately guided him to the toilet location.

You can also spread pet urine pads on the toilet, so that the number of cleaning toilets can be appropriately reduced.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Base -anti -splash dog toilet

Hair care

Wang Xingren is not afraid of water compared with cats, so it is still easier to take a bath, but most dogs still do not love bathing. Skin disease can also maintain a beautiful appearance, and still requires the owner to do well.

Before bathing the dog, you still need to sort out the hair and comb the hair. If there is a hairy knot that cannot be combed smoothly, do not use forcibly comb. You need to unlock it with your hands. Dip the warm water appropriately to wet the dog’s whole body, and gently sort out the hair of the dog, make the dog feel comfortable and quiet, and prepare for bathing.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

The four claws and buttocks of the dog are relatively easy to sogen. They need to be cleaned. During the bath, if the dog’s eyes and nose have water, they should be cleaned in time. Essence After washing, you can rinse the foam. The direction of flushing is to gradually rinse backwards from the head. Be sure to make sure that the bath liquid remains on the dog’s hair is completely rinsed.

When the dog takes a bath, the water can easily flow into the dog’s ears. To avoid infection, you can put a cotton ball in your ears. After bathing, you can use a cotton swab to wipe the dog’s ear canal.

Pet bathtop

Dog Fragrant Shower Gel Special Effect Antibacterial

Finally, use a warm air hair dryer to dry the fur of the dog. The fan should start with the dog’s hair roots. At the same time, be careful not to be too close to the pet’s skin to avoid burn their delicate skin. In addition, be careful not to let the air tube face the pet’s head and ears, which will disturb pets. After drying, you need to sort out the tools to help the dog re -organize the hair. The movement should be as gentle as possible to prevent knots. If the hair is rough, you can also use the special conditioner and the baby’s cooling powder.

暖系汪星人 需要以下神器好好爱护

Dog daily care

In addition to cleaning the dog’s body, the ear canal also requires the owner to clean it regularly, because the dog’s ears belong to the clean dead ends, and it is easy to accumulate a lot of earwax. The serious situation will breed ear mites, causing the dog’s ears to inflammation. Choosing ear drops or clean fungus powder can effectively keep the dog’s ears clean and can effectively sterilize and remove mites.

Pet dog ears mites drip

Dogs of tear marks, mostly in dog types such as VIPs, Chihuahua, Bomei, and Little Deer. Because their physiological structure causes relatively small stimuli, it is easy to cause excessive secretion of tears. After a long time, a brown tears will be left under the eyes. In severe cases, there will be risk of eczema or bacterial infection.

Pet antibacterial eye drops

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