Traditional and modern and beautiful “Jin” brooches

The “Shanxi Gift” is gorgeous and heavy, and the “Jin” brooche is lucky to be selected. On December 8th, co -organized by the Shanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission, the Shanxi Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, the Shanxi Provincial Arts and Crafts Association, the Shanxi Evening News The “2017 Shanxi Provincial Excellent Tourism Products Selection Shanxi Tourism Commodity Maker Competition” came to an end. The Datong Jieyi “Jin” broke by Datong Creative Design and Development of Datong City won the gold award of the competition and became the first group of members of the “Shanxi Gift” Maker Workshop.

It is understood that Datong Tang Qingjie Feitian Creative Co., Ltd. has adhered to local culture for many years, facing the Shanxi market, and developing unique tourism crafts. This year, they took the initiative to go out, integrated into Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and let more friends at home and abroad understand Datong. On June 30 this year, the Jinzi Danker designed by them was strictly reviewed by the Shanxi Provincial Government and the Shanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, becoming the Beijing Ministry of Shanxi’s Shanxi Special Publicity Association Beijing Promoting Products. Provincial government jointly organized. VIPs and envoys in more than 100 countries and regions worked as “Jin” broochs in China, which became a highlight of the promotion meeting at the time.


The “Jin” fiber -word broke by “flying” design and production is based on knotting art. The gossip patterns of the world’s guests and friends reflect the essence of traditional Chinese Confucian culture. The overall design is simple and generous, and the meaning is clear. As a local characteristic non -heritage brand in Datong, it not only inherits the characteristics of non -heritage crafts, but also boldly innovate, organically combines traditional craftsmanship and cultural creativity, and impressed people.


In addition, Datong Jieyi’s “2018 Lucky Key”, Yanmen Qing Gao Budi -buck -up noodles, and played with Datong ancient capital hand -painted maps won the excellent award of this competition.

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