How many have you been to the top ten malls in Weihai? Worth forwarding and sharing

Many people come to Weihai to travel, saying that they will travel without doing any strategies! I don’t know what to visit when I get to the sight? What large shopping malls are there? Where is it? Very troublesome! Today, I will make a guide to the tourists from Laiwei, hoping to help everyone! I also hope that Laiwei will not disappoint you!

[1] The buses from Weigao Plaza (No. 17, Xinwei Road, Huancui District) basically passed by the bus to the urban area!


Weigao Plaza

Weigao Plaza is a 370,000 square meter central metropolitan complex. Four high -end product lines of fashion shopping malls, hotel -style private hot spring, urban fashion SOHO, and top smart office space are integrated into the garden in mall, mall in the garden in the garden International Shopping trend!

Weigao Plaza night view

Weigao Plaza is located in the China Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear List, close to the Weihai Municipal Government, Huancui District Government, West Guanhuan Cuilou, Liu Gong Island in the east, and the most prosperous place in Weihai. , Advanced theater, video game cities and various brand fashion stores!

[Two] Opposite to Weigao Plaza (No. 58 Xinwei Road, Huancui District) Hua Lian Shopping Plaza (No. 58, Xinwei Road, Huancui District)!

Hualian Commercial Building

Hua Lian Shopping Mall Category: Food and Tobacco Products Retail; Accommodation Service; Catering Service; Daily Department Stores, Cosmetics, Jewelry Jewelry, Household Electric, Digital Products, Communication Equipment, Cultural Products, Sports Products, Costumes, Shoes and Hats, Hotel Management;

[3] Zhenhua Commercial Building (No. 89 Xinwei Road, Huancui District)

Zhenhua Commercial Building

Weihai Zhenhua Commercial Building is a large and high -end shopping commercial building in Weihai City. The popular brand is relatively complete. The international high -end brands are also here, which is very attractive to young people. There are some big brands on the first floor of Zhenhua Commercial Building such as Estee, Dior, Sisley, only, etc.; The second floor of Zhenhua Commercial Building is a women’s shoes and women’s shoes, all of which are big brands. There is a very large characteristic in the women’s clothing area. Many brand chain stores have a lot of discounts, which is very cheap!

[Four] Zhenhua Outlets (Night Night City, Dongcheng Road, Huancui District)

Zhenhua Olis

Zhenhua Outlet is mainly a brand discount, the price is very affordable!

[Five] Darunfa (No. 128 North Road North Road, Huancui District)

Molten hair

[6] Liqun Shopping Plaza (No. 166 Cultural West Road, High Area)

Liqun Shopping Plaza

The first floor of Liquan Shopping Plaza is jewelry, makeup and supermarkets; the second floor mainly operates men’s and women’s leather shoes, style and style supermarkets, and specialty snack areas. The fourth floor is a home appliance mall, mainly operating TV, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, audio, mobile phone, phone, cabinet, photographic equipment, etc.

[Seven] Oriental Xintiandi (No. 173 Cultural West Road, High Area) opposite the group!

Oriental Xintiandi

Negative layer:

It is mainly based on large -scale boutique supermarkets and e -sports digits, covering digital appliances, cross -border goods, flower shops, living convenience stores, baking desserts and other formats.


The main store is based on youth fast fashion clothing brands, gathering makeup collection stores, jewelry, fashion accessories, fast food, catering, mobile digital and other formats.

Two floors:

Following international tide brand clothing as the main store, we gather light rest clothing, Korean photography, international brand coffee, book bar, underwear collection store, hairdressing and other formats.

Three floors:

The main stores are based on cinema and children’s supplies, gathered in Korean simplified meals, water bar, ice cream, tourism catering, preschool education and other formats.

Four floors:

The theme VR experience hall, video game city, hairdressing hall, science and technology experience hall, animation theme hall, characteristic catering, etc.

Five floors:


IP -themed Business Pavilion, scenario consumer theme center, including specialty catering, handmade DIY, fashion shopping shops, etc.

[Eight] Kowloon City (No. 53 Daqing Road in Jing District)

Kowloon City Shopping Plaza

Kowloon City perfectly combines various formats. Department stores, supermarkets, catering entertainment, home appliances, hotels, apartments, cinemas, bookstores, etc. are available, and Weihai’s first sexual interactive interactive experience projects such as 3D illustration art exhibitions, happy farms, etc. Playing and buying a diversified consumption model of fashion, high -end, leisure and entertainment, and comprehensively subverting the consumption habits and lifestyles of Weihai citizens can be described as the innovation and re -upgrade of contemporary “Mall era”.

[Nine] Haoye Shengdi (south side of Jing District Bus Station)

Haoye San Di

Underground layer: Jiajiayue Supermarket, Catering. Gold and silver jewelry and clothing on the first floor. Men’s clothing on the second floor. Women’s clothing and children’s clothing on the third floor. Fourth -floor food and dining, cinema!

[Ten] Qilu Mall (No. 85-1, Qilu Avenue)


Qilu Mall

Clothing, shoes, bedding, home appliances, children on the first floor. On the second floor, Jiajiayue Supermarket, sports brand, food and catering, children’s clothing, children’s playground!

As Weihai people, I also hope that your arrival will provide you more help. The above are some shopping malls that Weihai people are shopping. I hope to help you?

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