Measure 40 makeup remover and cleansing products! There are not enough mildness in Japan and South Korea, and cheap Chinese goods are better

Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee conducted comparative tests on the two types of products of makeup remover and cleansing (milk) liquid. Test 40 products were used as test samples, including 20 models of makeup remover and cleansing (milk) liquid. The test found that some domestic makeup remover was cleaned and mild, and the soap -based cleansing milk was clean and the mildness was weak. Non -soap -based cleansing milk is mild, and the cleaning power is weak.

The makeup remover detection results show that 20 sample makeup remover effects are very different, of which Baique Antelope Water New Muscle Cleansing Water, AKF Purple Makeup remover, Sephora’s soft facial eye makeup remover, Binuo Shimei makeup remover, Sana bean milk beauty moisturizing moisture Makeup remover, five sample removal removal effects are outstanding. In addition, the mildness of the Baique Ling brand is close to clear water and performs well.


According to the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, cleansing milk can be divided into soap -based cleansing milk with fatty acids and alkali as the main ingredient, and non -soap -based cleansing milk with surfactants such as amino acids, beetyl, glucoside and other surface active agents as the main ingredients as the main ingredient Essence The test results show that Xue Ling Fei Lily High Moisturizing Cleansing Milk, Shiseido Youlai Qingyan Muscle Cleansing Milk, Su Secret 37 ° Hermond Symatic Cleansing fluid, beautiful plus cleaning and removing makeup cleansing milk With milk, five soap -based samples have outstanding cleaning capabilities, but they are not mild enough. The cleaning ability of 15 non -soap -based samples is slightly inferior to soap -based, and the mildness is generally better. Among them, the cleaning power and mildness of the snowflakes and soft cleansing foam samples are good.

In addition, the test found that the makeup removal and cleaning effects and mildness of the three samples performed well, namely Baique Antelope’s new muscle cleansing makeup remover, AKF perilla makeup remover, and Sephora soft facial eye remover.


Writing: Southern Metropolis Reporter Ao Yinxue

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