Which level of men’s leather shoes, etc., which level do you wear?

To be honest, writing this article is a little bit embarrassed. After all, it involves too wide noodles. Although there are fewer and fewer people wearing leather shoes, it is an indispensable item for men to wear. Too wide, this article is only a personal point of view. The division is also a general interval. Everyone’s cognition and views are different.

In this article, there is no intention of compelling shoes. There is no intention to be derogatory. It only analyzes the two dimensions of the brand and product value, and only talks about men’s shoes, only leather shoes:

Ninth class: less than 100 yuan

Leather shoes below 100 yuan are also leather shoes, but the probability is not the leather shoes, it may be super fibrous skin, composite leather, PU leather, etc., but now the process technology is advanced, most people can’t see it, or this price, put on it on the price, put on it, put on it, put it on, put on it, put it on, put it on, put on it, put it on the price. It’s OK when you are comfortable, such as Pindou, Tao Mou, everybody, and there are many buyers.

Eighth et al.: Three or five hundred


Men’s leather shoes at this price can be said to be slightly better, but it is not necessary to say that it should only be leather. As for the quality of the leather, it is uneven. The mainstream price range sold on street stores is basically a large -scale production or foreign trade goods. In terms of craftsmanship, sticky shoes and rubber bottoms are undoubtedly. Don’t expect how long it can be worn. Don’t be tangled, buy new ones.

Seventh class: 500-800

At this price range, it can be said that it is the world of the second- and third -tier domestic leather shoes brands. The king has not seen it. Since the 1980s and 1990s, the leather shoes on many men’s feet are basically domestic well -known domestic leather shoes brands in this price range. What is red? Today, the vast majority of men’s consumption levels have always lag behind women. At this price, leather shoes can only be said that the brand has been on a step, and even well -known brands that everyone knows well, but if single single, if single single, if single single, if single single, if single single, if you single alone, if you single, if you single, if you are single, if you single In terms of product attributes, the so -called adhesive shoes and gelatin shoes have not greatly improved the process value, but the leather may be a little better.


Sixth equal: around 1000-1500

Men’s leather shoes around 1,000 yuan can be said to be one, and the competition is more intense.


First, many well -known popular leather shoes brands want to put their products grades and differentiate, and enter this range, but in the eyes of many consumers, they are hundreds of shoes. It is a question of brand cognition.

The second is some foreign brands, such as e what, C or something, many people have worn it. The brand has nothing to say. As for the product and style, I can only say that they know the preferences of Chinese people. The three -year -old style is still the glue -up shoes, but it has received the likes by middle -aged people. Third, some niche leather shoes brands who really want to make high -quality and good products. Although the brand is not well -known, it is really good, and the natural cost performance is very high.

Fourth, some handmade shoes will be seen at this price. The so -called handmade shoes are mainly from the craftsmanship. Blake sewn craftsmanship, goodyear solid -breaking technology, but it is difficult to encounter really good handmade shoes at this price, even many even many even many. It really abounds with falseness.

Fifth equal: around 2000 yuan


Many friends will think that the 2000 yuan leather shoes are already expensive. Now young people prefer to spend thousands of buying double -tide shoes sports shoes, and they will not spend thousands of buying double leather shoes. If you recognize, it is indifferent to how much money spent.

You can buy some well -known brands of leather shoes at this price, but since this price is at this price, it is recommended to try niche handmade shoes brands, better craftsmanship and materials, and more personalized styles. To be honest, from the price of 2,000 yuan, the attributes of leather shoes have transitioned from a single product attribute to social attributes. A pair of leather shoes can wear durable and have certain social attributes. It is two different things to wear out of face.


Fourth class: 3000-5000

There are two major camps in this price range:

The first is the public luxury brand leather shoes, such as the Mu Mu, although it is still such a sticky glue sole shoes, but people are luxury goods. No matter how many rich people are, it is enough to put on a comfortable face and face. Doudou shoes can also give you three or five thousand, we don’t understand the world of rich people.

The second largest camp is a group of customized handmade shoes in China. Although it is not a brand, because it is a niche product, it is precious that some craftsmen are doing good shoes. Most of them are because of lack of publicity methods. Few people recognize them. Knowing and understanding, but if you are a lovers of leather shoes, you have a certain professional knowledge, I believe you can still find it if you are aware of the wise eyes. Why not do not lose the shoes of luxury goods?

Third class: 5000-8000

This price is not an exaggeration to luxury goods. Some leather shoes brands in Spain, Italy, and Britain have entered the country that is basically the mainstream at this price. Basically, the shadow of adhesive shoes can not be seen. At least it is Blake sewn or Goodyear Geterye is the process. Leather shoes and formal leather shoes are the main. Shoes must be good shoes, but the brand’s premium is a bit higher. Of course, if you are the loyal powder of these brands, it is understandable.


Second: about 10,000 yuan

When you come to the range of 10,000 yuan, you can buy relatively high -end handmade shoes in China, such as any crocodile, ostrich,






The like, because the price of rare leather shoes for foreign brands is definitely not enough, and there are some brands of high -end foreign luxury brand leather shoes.

First class: more than 10,000 yuan


The reason why it is more than 10,000 yuan, because the leather shoes are the same as there are many things, and it will not be capped at a certain height. There are many leather shoes of tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of leather shoes. the difference.

For example, some domestic hand -made handmade leather shoes, a pair of real one


Nailian crocodile

Nile Crocodile


Customized handmade solid -specific process format leather shoes



Oxford shoes


It costs tens of thousands of dollars, but if it is a luxury brand, it will not be more than 100,000.


By the way, enjoy the most expensive pair of women’s shoes in history- “The Star of the Moon”, 140 million yuan. It is really poverty to restrict imagination. Men’s shoes can only look back.

People are not high and low, and their leather shoes are the same. It is just related to everyone’s spending power and needs and cognition. This is a process of gradual improvement. , But I have to emphasize that the principle of men’s wear is less and fine. This should be generally recognized. Sweet shoes, either we do not wear, we must wear it, and it is good to wear within the budget. Had, why not?


Men’s leather shoes, etc., which one do you wear?



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