What car cushion is the car cushion classification, function and maintenance

Which car cushion is better? It is hot and hot in summer, and it has just entered the car room, as if entering the “sauna bathroom”. Therefore, buying a summer car cushion is particularly important. However, there are many brands in the market, and the quality is different. For novice owners, it is difficult to judge which car cushion cover is better. Which car cushion cover is better? Let’s take a look together.

1. Car seat cushion introduction

Auto Pillow is an essential product in the car to protect the car seat and maintain human health. General car cushions are generally five -piece set: two fronts (driving and co -pilot positions), two small and one large pads (rear use). Now, with the development of the economy, cars are becoming more and more popular. The car cushion also entered people’s daily life, becoming a car family to enjoy driving and enjoying a comfortable car living necessity.

2. Classification of car seat cushions

According to the process, it can be divided into:

Hand -made car seat cushions, weaving car seat cushions and handmade acupuncture car seat cushions.

Classified by materials:

汽车坐垫是什么 汽车坐垫分类、作用及维护保养

Winter: wool car seat cushions, fur car cushions, down pads, imitation pads.

汽车坐垫是什么 汽车坐垫分类、作用及维护保养

Summer: Silk car cushion, Yashi car cushion, Xuefeis car cushion and other hand -edited hand -made hand -made and cushions.

Four seasons: health pads, fabric seat cushions and magnetic cushions containing magnet.

Third, the functions and functions of the car seat cushion

1. Comfort. Due to the special occupation of the driver, long -term driving is easy to be particularly fatigue. Due to the body design of the car seat cushion, the driver reduces fatigue, comfortable and healthy.

2. Protect the seats. The car is short for 3-5 years, and the long use for decades to protect your car seat and make the use of the car for a long time. Reduce the wear of the seat and increase the aesthetics of the car’s interior. According to the color matching of the car interior, you can change different styles according to your own preferences. Increase different fun.

3. It is conducive to human health. According to the types of seat cushions, there are different types of sheepskin, cowhide, this type of permeability, pure natural, noble and generous, gorgeous and extraordinary. There are also seat cushions containing Cassians, magnetic therapy stones, and activated carbon, which can promote blood circulation, in order to increase the oxygen content of blood, effectively alleviate fatigue, regulate the body’s metabolism, have the effect of tutoring the meridian acupoints on the back, the health of static massage and the health of static massage , Alleviate and improve human immune function, balance yin and yang, improve the human body’s resistance to diseases, and achieve health care purposes.

4. Multifunctional selection. There are summer cushions, spring and autumn pads, winter hair pads, and the most convenient four seasons pads. It is more convenient for the choice of the owner.

Fourth, maintenance and maintenance of car seat cushions

Generally do not clean it frequently, and it is easy to damage the fiber of the seat cushion, especially the health pad, which may contain other physical therapy substances. Frequent cleaning can cause physical therapy damage.

Do not expose to the sun often, you can get a ventilated and sunny place when not in use. Good seat cushions can restore its original state.

What car cushion is the car cushion classification, function and maintenance

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