Swiss top skin care product Farman happy mask, every application is a witness of happiness

Have you heard of the four major beasts in the mask industry?

What a coincidence, all of the mask!


They are Lames, Lediei, Chantica and Farman!

La Mer’s tight improvement essence mask

Reference price: ¥ 2200 50ml

Chanteca diamond mask

Reference price: ¥ 1700 50ml

laprairie caviar sleep mask

Falman Happiness Mask

Reference price: ¥ 2060 50ml

Farman, many babies may not have heard of it,

But she can be regarded as low -key nobles in luxury goods.

Valmont Farman, one of the top ten luxury skin care brands in the world,

It is also a palace -level skin care brand sought after by the European royal family.

Falman’s anti -aging technology is well -known worldwide,

Falman Happiness Mask, the original name is the cell activation mask,

The English name is Valmont Prime Renewing Pack,

It is a washed mask, which can combine three functions: frost, glue, and mask.

Including natural DNA, this DNA comes from salmon semen,


These ingredients can inspire cells to regenerate, restore the soft and gloss of the skin,

Purify uniform skin tone, regulate the oily skin to make the sebum secretion normally,

Except for the old and dead keratin to improve the dark skin color and let the skin absorb special nutritional ingredients.


The nickname of Happiness Mask comes from Zhang Xiaoxian’s “One Moon” book,


The book wrote that Valmont’s Renewing Pack is the best mask she has ever used. She said that this cell activated mask is a “happy mask”


The method she uses is like this:

After washing and frosted, use it to massage the face for five minutes, and then wash the face.

Then apply a layer on the face, including the eyes.

According to Miss Zhang, every time you use the happy mask, you will feel that the whole person is glowing, and you will be fascinated by yourself at that moment. Every time she goes to the outside world, the happy mask is her life -saving mask.

The bottle is very large, and it is better protected for this product itself.

The mask is very delicate white milk,

The texture is as smooth as cream, soft and moist ~ not thin or thick,


Easy to push away, easy to absorb, it can be seen very moist after pushing.


Each time a small lump is enough to apply the whole face. If you twice a week, you can use it for about 3-6 months.

A sentence summary is:

Happiness mask is a mask that is more repayment than the 10th, and it is a strong repair -type mask that allows cells to activate and regenerate and repair all kinds of damaged aging skin. It is an unforgettable, happy SPA -level mask. Especially for those who have acne, loose skin, a lot of wrinkles, and a rough face, it really takes effect once. This is a magical mask with worse skin and better effect!

When using the Farman Happiness Mask, it is not recommended to use naked faces, no matter which method is used. It is best to wash your face and makeup before using the Farman Happiness Mask, and then apply the skin care water to do a good foundation to reduce the stimulus of the happy mask.

When many young ladies start using the Farman Happiness Mask, the skin will have a slight tingling sensation or coolness. This is a normal response. It represents Farman Happiness Mask on the skin. Don’t worry.

Reference price: ¥ 2200 50ml

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