The cloth of the parachute is used to make a backpack, do you try to scrape?

This introduction is a Tallac Pak backpack that is suitable for backpackers. It is designed by BakPocket Products. It mainly focuses on the functionality and durability of the backpack. Let’s take a look.

When there is anything, it can be compressed into a very small portable bag, but when it is disassembled, it will become a multi-functional backpack. There are sleepers and belts on both sides, and you can bring your yoga mat, bundled sleep pad, water cup, etc. There is also a hook to hook slippers, climbing shoes, etc., of course, in the backpack, you can place some daily necessities, cameras and other zero things. At the same time, it is equipped with a belt, even if more things can be accelerated. The unique design of the shoulder strap stitching the ingredients of the steel bars, can bear 25 pounds, and the back is very comfortable; the high quality YKK zipper and buckle are also very durable, it can be used for several years.

In order to cater to different users, it is made of three different materials: parachute materials, waterproof nylon materials and handmade materials. The parachute material is very light, very breathable and compressed, but it is not waterproof, so it is still a good choice to hiking or travel in good weather. Waterproof nylon materials are very durable, even if there is a hole, it will not be expanded, suitable for any occasion, especially rainy days. Handmade materials have a very unique pattern, made by people in Indonesia, and is very beautiful. Xiaobi has already traveled to travel.


Product Name: Tallac Pak

Product status: crowdfunding




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