Japan and South Korea’s water milk list: Korean snowflakes show yellow, Japanese Krun and stable, have you been on the list?

Toner water and lotion are the essential basic skin care products in all girls in skin care. Whether it is young girls or mature sisters, it is inseparable from it.


The dazzling water milk products on the market have the water milk of Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and our domestic products series. Today, I will give you a summary of the popular Japanese and South Korean water milk lists. Is your water and milk on the list?

Snowflake Xiu Zi Yin Water Lotion

Reasons for listing: Korean -style word of mouth water milk, balanced water and oil+removing yellow brightening skin color, skin care and skin care, dry skin prefer water milk.

Water milk texture: toner is a transparent gel texture, refreshing and easy to absorb, the emulsion is dense creamy texture, and the upper face is moisturizing and excellent.

Water milk use experience:


Snowflake Show’s nourishing yin water milk is full of texture, the simple and generous design face is very high, the texture of the water milk is more delicate and gentle, and the face is moist and not oily.


In the dry spring, the dry skin will not be lifted on the face, especially for dry skin.

Ziyinwater milk is added with Ziying condensate composite, which not only has the role of excellent moisturizing and hydrating, balanced skin water and oil, but also improves the skin and roughness of the skin.

The skin state that relieves dark yellow and light is especially suitable for people with dark yellow skin tone and no gloss.

Yue Shi Feng Yin Green Tea Milk

Reason for listing: Korean cheap water milk is the first choice, the favorite water milk of the student party, refreshing water replenishment quickly absorbs, oil skin mixed oil skin water milk is the first choice.


Water milk texture: The texture of water milk is very refreshing, with excellent liquidity, and the upper face absorbs fast.


Yue Shi Fengyin’s green tea balanced water milk is an old net red product, and it is also a cheap star water milk in Korean water milk. Its


The toner looks a little thick, but it is really moist and not greasy on the face.

The liquidity of the lotion is excellent, and the upper face absorbs super fast


The faint fragrance smells very comfortably. After a period of time, it feels that the skin is better, and it will not feel rough to stay up late. It is especially suitable for oil skin and mixed oil skin.

Da Ke Pi Suwater+Avocado Emilization

Reasons for listing: Japanese water milk best CP, acne marks, excellent effects, large oil skin and acne muscles meet late water milk.

Water milk texture: Perilla water is like water, with excellent liquidity, the lotion texture is very thin, and there is no burden in the summer.

For large oil -skinned girls, the skin is acne and blackheads. It is a very troublesome problem. Daike’s perilla water and avocado lotion are a water milk designed for large oil skin.


Perilla water contains a variety of plant essences such as Baili, clove, and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, which not only provides water for the skin,

Girls with acne and closing on their faces are also very friendly. When using, use lotion and then shoot toner first, which can exert the effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

Kwen Water Cym

Reasons for listing: Japanese cosmetics brands, focusing on sensitive skin care, zero added, mild ingredients and not irritating, dry skin gospel.

Water milk texture: divided into three different textures, refreshing suitable for oily skin, standard type suitable for neutral skin, moisturizing type suitable for dry skin.

For girls with sensitive skin, it is important to choose a non -added water milk. If the skin is red and sensitive, and there is a phenomenon of peeling, you can use skin care products that are expensive and more effective. Stress more pressure on the skin.


Krun Water Milk from Hua is a water milk designed specifically for sensitive skin. This classic water milk can supplement the skin of the skin.

The situation of resistance to the skin of the skin can not only fully hydrate and moisturize. After using it several times, the skin can improve the skin with the naked eye, which can be maintained in a stable and healthy state.

The above -mentioned water milk suits from Japan and South Korea are more popular with facial cleanser. Water milk products with good reputation and effects. Is your water and milk on the list?

Water milk use experience:

Water milk use experience:

Water milk use experience:

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