The case of these multifunctional houses in the whole friend’s home is beautiful

In the era of high -speed development, one person often requires a variety of skills; and in the home industry, a room also requires a variety of functions. A room with a perfect space layout and rich living function at the same time has been loved by the public, but many homeowners do not know how to design.

Don’t worry, today I have compiled some excellent design cases. Come and find design inspiration!

Case number one

Customize the L -shaped cloakroom, leave more space for activity


If your home has an independent cloakroom and a reliable wall custom L -shaped wardrobe, it does not take up space and can store large -capacity, easily solve the problem of clothing storage. Grade.

The space can be placed in a yoga cushion to meet the homeowner to make Prapi here. Usually you can put the yoga pads and turn into a children’s game area, which is convenient for children to laugh and make trouble. Rate.

Case 2

Create integrated tatami, take care of rest and learning

Due to the limited room area, the homeowner only placed one single bed as a guest room. Other areas were used to pile up debris, which was not beautiful. After communication with the homeowner, the designer re -planned to make a single bedroom a multi -functional room.

Through customized integrated tatami, taking into account rest and learning, the room is divided into two with the glass cabinet as the center. It is very practical to rest and storage.

Case II


Create into a study room, and at the same time it can expand the storage space

Most of the owners have the need to work at home, and independent study rooms allow us to work more at work and study. Created as an independent study, customized to the top bookcase, can store a large number of professional books and materials, creating a strong academic atmosphere.

At the same time, a mask cabinet can be designed at the bottom of the cabinet, which is convenient for the owner to change the seasonal clothing or trivial life, and it is not easy to fall into gray, which expands the function of the room.

Case 4

Create as a tea room, and you can also be transformed into the guest room

An independent family tea room can satisfy everyone’s comfortable time when enjoying tea at leisure time, use the entire wall to customize the Zen style cabinet, and the semi -open cabinet is easy to store all kinds of tea sets.

If the space is sufficient, you can also use two stools to become a temporary guest room. Customize a row of cards along the window to make it easier for friends to gather. Function.

Case 5


Preferably to get out of bed to satisfy the daily life of the two children

There are two children in the family but there is only one bedroom. How can we arrange the sleep and learning space of the two reasonably? It is better to change the secondary to the two -child room to meet the lives and study of two children.

Customize the two -person desk by the location of the window, which is convenient for two children to learn and discuss together; placing up and getting bed in the wall, which not only saves space, is also full of interest, and it is convenient for children to rest. The small second bedroom adds the space of the second child, and it can also cultivate the child’s feelings.

Limited room


Through design planning and reasonable use of space


Can meet our diverse needs in terms of function and face value

Make life more comfortable and perfect

Have you learned it?

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