How can winter hands have no hand film?

After the beginning of winter, Beijing became more and more dry. My hands were not dry in spring and summer. As soon as I got into winter, I started drying. In addition, my skin was thin, and cracking was also a link.

Before using the hand film

I usually wash my hands and wash my hands. During the epidemic, I was a bit cleaner, so I washed my hands more and more serious. As a result, after the winter, the back of the hand was slow in the cold blood circulation, and the skin was dark. It was better to be bright in summer.

The care of the hand is too important, especially in the dry north!

Be Shijia’s fragrant nourishing tender hand film, softening keratin, soft glutinous skin, moisturizing nourishment, hydrating and moisturizing, I usually use 20-25 minutes to fully absorb the hand mask, and the effect will come out for half a month. Essence


When you use it, you can put it like a glove, so that the essence is fully distributed on the back and fingers of the hand and the fingers. You can apply it evenly with the other hand, and then keep it for about 20 minutes.


After using the hand film

This is the effect of using it half a month, which is obviously white. Do you think the effect is getting closer and closer to the pictures on the packaging?

Pay attention to my headline, just like it!


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