Middle -aged woman fell in love with small florals, Ma Yizhen wore printed pants, wearing a bucket hat like going to vacation

#What to wear today#



For many people, daily dressing is always depending on the situation depending on the situation

Change it at will,


If it is relatively formal, then most people wear comparison

Solemn and dignified

And if you are so wearing in life, it is even more

Leisure and casual.

People’s dressing and matching must always change according to the actual situation.

Learn to change due to time and due to time

It is a compulsory homework for people to wear targeted ways.

If you say you want to learn about it too



It’s better to wear together

Follow Ma Yizhen to learn.

People can always show through wearing in life

Different styles

Create a different atmosphere and give people a completely different visual enjoyment.

Different women follow different style routes.

Elegant intellectual style,

At the same time, there are casual vacation winds.


It’s refreshing and not contrived.

Design inspiration for leisure holiday wind

Style design:

Loose shirt with casual print trousers

Color matching design:

White top and blue -green passion collision


Fabric selection:

Cotton ➕ chiffon

Style design: loose shirt with casual print trousers

The whole of the holiday style is selected


In the future, choosing clothes will be more possessive


It is well known that the vacation style is mainly the main focus

Casual and comfortable

Therefore, when wearing clothes, it is mainly based on



It is the main version.

Try to avoid being too slim or possible here

Causes too much tight clothes.


On the one hand, it does not visually

Very comfortable,

Will not give people a sense of freedom

Feel stress

At the same time in terms of practicality

Not conducive to freedom of action

, Make people feel the pleasant of vacation.


Choose a loose shirt and casual printed trousers to match it.

It belongs to style collision.

The shirt has always been a symbol of the women in the workplace in the minds of most people.

Give people capable and chic feelings.

For mature women, although the holiday style is used

Loose is the main feature

, But there is still a big difference in looseness and bloating.

If you don’t wear loose clothes, it will make people feel

Very lazy,

There will be only a sense of leisure

The sense of obesity and drag.

Choosing a shirt itself can avoid the possibility of clothes due to looseness


, Can retain mature women


At the same time, it can be added

Leisure casual taste.

I have to say that middle -aged women fell in love with small florals, Ma Yizhen 40+ wearing printed pants,


Wearing a bucket hat like going to vacation.

The design of the lower body casual printed trousers neutralize the monotonous shirt and shirt of the upper body

Choose solid color.

So in order to better highlight vacation

Happy atmosphere,

Choosing a big print in the lower body can highlight the key points, making this body match very well


At the same time it will make people feel

A lot of youth,

Very well

It has the effect of age reduction.

Using this body, it becomes very light and lively.

Very beautiful.

Color color design: white top and blue -green passion collision

In the choice of clothes color, echo the monotonous shirt and pants of the lower body, and choose a pure white top and blue -green pants.

Strong visual impact.

White is all colors

The cleanest and purest color

It makes people feel very simple at a glance

Very beautiful.

And blue -green is very


A color, combined with white, not only retains the blue -green color itself

Passion and enthusiasm

At the same time, it will not be too publicized, I found a good in conservative and lively

balance point.

The vacation style in terms of specific fabric selection is mainly based on

Light is the main feature


Therefore, the fabric should not be too heavy, otherwise it will only make people

Compression and dullness.

Cotton fabric is soft and skiny can be used well for production

Loose shirt

It makes people feel

Very thin.

The chiffon fabric is also based on light breathability.

Full of immortality

a feeling of.

Combining with printed trousers perfectly shows the feeling of leisure and lightness. I have to say that Ma Yizhen’s private temperament


, Printed pants with white shirt,

The grounding of ground gas is so casual.

Other vacation style matching recommendations


Flower nude beige long skirt elegant and generous

The vacation style always seems to be linked to the floral printing. The use of flowers can be used in a dress that can show women well.

Soft temperament.

Wearing a floral skirt can inadvertently show women when walking


Guan Wan,


Elegant style.

Create a fluttering fairy between your hands and feet

The sense of elegant and immortal,

Walking on the street makes people unconsciously look at it.

Naked rice color seems to be very good

Low -key color,

But in fact, it can be well settled


Highlighting temperament.

The one in the bones of women

Intellectual elegance

Show to the fullest.

Deep V neck irregular printed long skirt

In addition to choosing a more basic versatile print floral dress, the printing of irregular geometric patterns is also


Very unique.

He is not as shown as a floral

Women’s softness

He made more clothes more clothes

Rich and fullness,

More modern elements, making the whole body match more


And the V -neck also makes the clothes even more


, Show

Women’s sexy.



From the perspective, you can also modify women well

Neck line.

Casual T -shirt with a cool printed skirt

In order to increase vacation

Casual atmosphere

You can use it when you wear it

Two -piece method.

The T -shirt itself is very in life

Casual wear

, Make it well with the skirt, you can shape a whole

The feeling of natural nature.

And the cool type of color printing is also very good

Leisure charm

It makes people look very

It feels like a hot girl.


It is very important to choose different clothes to wear in different situations in life.



Hot girl

Or is it

Elegant and gentle wind.


Select differently according to the style to the clothes that suits you and use it in the actual place

Very critical,


Only by focusing on learning can we make better

Match the color.

People can always show through wearing in life

Different styles

Create a different atmosphere and give people a completely different visual enjoyment.

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