Youjun people are dragging, no boundary beach series shaped classics, the original slippers can be so comfortable

In the past, people’s impression of human character drags may be “邋” and “random”, but after seeing the fashionable dressing of Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark, it was discovered that the human character drag has become a new love for street shooting fashion. The best accessories of the brand.

Not only that, with the development of process technology, the comfort of human characters has also changed quietly. UTUNE’s unbounded beach series of human characters will bring you a different dress experience.

The first is the improvement of craftsmanship.


The new UTUNE character mop adopts an EVA integrated process, which solves the problem of easy to fall off at the traditional nailing process connection.

The foam EVA has good ductility and plasticity. Even if the connection is pulled hard, it will not easily break, which will enhance the durability of the human character drag and avoid the embarrassment of break off.


The second is the increase in the thickness of the sole and the improvement of materials.


The traditional herringbone slippers are relatively thin and the material is also hard. The new character drag of the excellent adjustment uses the EVA thickened bottom plate. The foaming EVA stomach gap is uniform, and the touch is soft and elastic.

Thicker soles can effectively cushionate back, increase wearing comfort. Through the improvement of materials and thickness, it also effectively avoids the embarrassment of the human characters dragging away, making the human characters really get rid of the label of “遢”.


It is difficult to wear socks when we are dragged by human characters. UTUNE has a full palm texture design in the shoe bed, which can not only play a good anti -slip effect, but also avoid hot weather and cause sweating on the bottom of the foot. The feet and slippery occur. Make summer more refreshing and make walking more comfortable.


Finally, the newly used UTUNE characters to abandon the high saturation color of traditional home shoes and choose low -saturated color schemes in artistic sense.

Faint milk white is not only refreshing and natural, but also better with daily clothing. Low -key milk tea brown comes with lazy and casual temperament. The new color selection has given you more choice space. It is also a rare color scheme in the field of slippers. This minimalist design aesthetics created by this low -saturated color system makes the overall sense of comfort and casual fashion atmosphere.

This pair of UTUNE characters have broken people’s inherent impression of human character drags, and new labels are dragged on human characters. Can easily control. The simple appearance allows you to wear no pressure at multiple scenes, and you can clean it with high density materials. Change to the human character and hug the summer together!

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