Open Boxer | Xiaobian’s favorite 12 rings: Bulgari is the most versatile, “Demon Tears” is the most moving!

I want to use the famous saying of Shakespeare again:

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

“Jewelry is silent, but it is better to move women’s hearts than any language.”

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

In “Wife’s Romantic Travel”, Zhang Ziyi’s hand has always been covered with a small pink flower. Netizens and fans speculate that it must be a pigeon egg that you dare not think!

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

What exactly is, it is difficult to conclude. But women’s love for the ring is overwhelming! As spring and summer coming, “Su” should not only apply good -looking nail polish in winter, but also bring “magic rings” that improves fashion and temperament! Today, I will open my “Pandora Magic Box” for everyone -ring box! Share the 12 most favored beauties in my “harem”! Who can be the final queen, you can forget it!

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

1. Pandora ring

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

These two rings are purchased at the Pandora counter. The love circle and vine style are made of 925 silver, which has been brought for a few years. It is also the old texture, so the older the oldest texture! As a decorative ring, it is very good -looking, and the medium price of the same level of brands is not high, and hundreds of dollars can be done. Bring three years, five years, or even a lifetime, as long as you do not give up, it will depend on each other!

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

2. Bulgari ring

One charity model, the material is sterling silver with ceramics! After all, the jewelry of about 3K in the second -tier brand is also a minority, and the editor feels that the charity style is similar to the golden spring, and the color matching is diversified.

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

The second model is rose gold with natural white piners and black agate. The texture is indeed much better than the charity model, and the price has also doubled at the same time. Essence Essence Essence Black temperament, white is more elegant. The style is simple and generous, and it is also very versatile! One ring is used, spending the same money to buy two rings, Xiaobian thinks, worth it!

3. Swarovski ring

Both of them are Swarovski’s decorative ring, non -gold and non -silver, but gold -plated materials. It is best to wash your hands and bath! Probably because of not worn often, the color retention is relatively high! The first one was nicknamed the “Demon Tears” at that time was stealing the goods at the time. Xiaobian was also attracted by its charming tear drops, and he couldn’t stop taking it home! The second paragraph is exquisite and concise versatile. Xiaobian often brings the ring with other plain circles ~ If I don’t say, you must also think it is thousands of rose gold diamonds ~ In fact, it only costs 399 ~

4. Chanel ring

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

This is a decorative ring of Chanel, non -gold, non -silver, and even non -gold, but because it is not cheap because of the brand of color -saving metal materials ~ brand. But Xiaobian feels very good -looking, can be stacked, can also be divided into fingers! Both Chanel represents a small black flower in the same paragraph. I think Xiaoheihua is more charming and the little white flower is more pure ~

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

5.Maje ring

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

This is Maje’s mineral treasure ring. I don’t know if you have played the “Together” game in the game console when you were a kid. Each time I saw this ring, I would think of that game! However, this is a soft metal material that is purely imitation gold, and it will fade after a long time. The price is less than 1,000. It is also expensive to the brand!

This ring is very good with MiuMiu’s bag. The fairy who likes gems and can’t support the blue treasure rubber emerald can choose it to make it simple!

6. Other concubines in the harem

These four are decorative rings with no brands. Meng Meng’s little yellow duck is bought by friends on the side of Thailand. It is still “unscathed” for a few years! Good quality and touch! It is very suitable to be a girl with casual sports style! Freshwater pearl with rhinestone, a pair of CP combinations, often capture girls’ hearts. This ring with a fairy skirt should be beautiful! The big pink crystal is the preferred instrument to the peach blossoms! The decorative ring with the last pattern red stone and obsidian seems to be a bit Gothic, and it also has a little nobleness.

After receiving the pen, the handwriting! At this point, did the little fairy choose the harem for who did you choose?

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Hand mold: Liu Lingyu

开盒记 | 小编最爱的12款戒指:宝格丽最百搭,“恶魔的眼泪”最动人!

Shooting: Danlin

Photo: Danlin

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