Baoshan ban two “black clinics”

On December 29, the comprehensive supervision and law enforcement of the Health and Health Bureau of Longyang District, Baoshan City, was conducted on the special inspection of the medical service market order. Two “black nests” who still committed illegal medical practice during the epidemic during the epidemic.

In the inspection of the day, law enforcement officers found in a black clinic of illegal medicine that illegal medical practitioners Yang Moumou set up infusion beds, infusion racks, drug cabinets, diagnostic tables and other items in the illegal medical place. A large amount of liquid and injections used for infusion and muscle injection treatment, use of devices such as syringers, disposable infusion, tooth extraction, hematopoietic pliers, etc. of one -time use of various oral and external drugs on the pharmaceutical cabinet, as well as a large amount of liquid after use Medical wastes such as empty bottles, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, infusion needle pipes, syringe needles, infusion stickers and other medical waste. After counting, there were 79 drugs in the place in the place.

In another illegal medical place in Lu Moumou, law enforcement officers found that there were drugs such as sodium chloride injection, sulfininin injection, Libavirin injection and other drugs in the place. Using a syringe needle tube, infusion device needle tube, infusion sticker and other medical waste, after counting, there are 7 types of drugs in the field in the field.


After investigation and verification, neither Yang Moumou and Lu Moumou did not obtain the “Medical Institutional Practice License”. None of the illegal medical staff Yang Moumou and Lu Moumou obtained the “Physician Qualification Certificate” and “Physician Practice Certificate”. , Carrying out diagnosis and treatment services without authorization are illegal medicine.

According to the law enforcement officer of the institute, Yang Moumou and Lu Moumou still did not stop during the prevention and control of the epidemic. They still obviously carried out illegal medicine, seriously hindering the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the social impact was extremely bad. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Basic Medical Health and Health Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China” and “Practicing Physician Law”, law enforcement officers on the spot conducted administrative penalties for confiscated drugs and fines on two illegal medical places on the spot. Law enforcement officers carried out health laws and regulations, and the requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Yang Moumou and Lu Moumou on the spot, and issued the opinions of health supervision opinions to immediately stop illegal medical activities.

Source: Kaishi News Cui Min, Wang Yong, Lin Mingtao


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