Ten small home objects bought by “cheap”, I wanted to make up for it, but I was fascinated in the end

Many things, when we start, we are holding the mentality of “cheap, making up for use”.

But there are some things in it, really fighting. As you use it longer, it is more and more excavated. I will take a look at this issue.


1. Boeing soft film

The cabinets, wooden doors, and wardrobes at home are too ugly and want to change color. In my cognition, the best way to effect is to re -paint.

However, it is troublesome to spray paint, and it needs to be dry, so someone has a different approach, thinking about posted something to cover ugliness. What changes to the online change, in fact, you can choose a lot. Boeing soft film should be a cheaper type.


After sticking it, I found that this thing is used to change color. The texture is quite good. After careful understanding, I find that Boeing soft tablets also have wear resistance, heat resistance, good cleaning … and so on. Meet the needs of most people.


Compared with the trouble of spraying paint, it is not easy to take care of the felt, and the car film is expensive, the Boeing soft film is the cheapest and best one. It is also a must for the anti -theft door for lard red.


2. Large Ring Holding Grade


In all fairness, when I started this large circular hanger, it was a cheap picture and bought a hanger casually.


So that its seller show is the style of the above, I can accept it, so I bought a black one casually.

When things came back, I found that it turned out that it was not ugly.

Instead, the large ring one by one, hanging on the rod, is very neat and beautiful. As I use it longer and longer, I have discovered more and more, this hanger is better:

The first is a large ring, which is convenient to get.

The second is the designs of falling shoulder to avoid the shoulder design after the clothes are hung for a long time. Once again, there are non -slip glue particles on the shoulders, which is very non -slip.

In the end, the hanging holes of the pants, a very good feel, etc. are enough to make people feel good every time they use it.

In the end, when I moved a new home, I also used this hanger. When I repurchased, I found out that many people were repurchased like me.

3. Plant fiber facial scarf

Washing towels are divided into cotton and plant fibers. The cotton is more expensive, and the plant fiber is cheaper.

Under the circumstances that I did n’t understand the facial washing towel before, I chose to wash the facial washing towel because I could n’t see the difference.

Later, after understanding it, it was learned that the plant fiber itself was fiber from the rhizomes, leaves, and so on. After the non -woven fabric process, it was made into a face towel.

Plant fiber can be soft and not as soft as cotton, and it can also be degradable, also has a tear resistance and difficulty in breaking. It is a very cost -effective face -to -face towel material. At present, many big brands are made of this kind of face washing towel.

4. Water faucet

During the rental period, because when I washing my hands, the water of the faucet was always splashed on the table, and I was equipped with a faucet.

Originally, my expectations were definitely not comparable to the dragon’s dragon head, because the pumping water faucet had thousands of pieces, and this thing was only dozens of pieces. The experience was naturally different.


After using it, I found that the difference is not so much.

Pulling water faucet can be washed on the basin and the faucet of the Wanxiangshui can also be done. It is convenient to pull the dragon’s head when washing the head. Although the faucet of Wanxiangshui is not so flexible, it will also make the shampooing a lot more convenient.


Even the faucet of Wanxiangshui, there is also a drape tap, which is not comparable to the advantages of brushing your teeth and washing your face, adjust the direction of water, spray upwards, you can rinse and flush your face directly.

In addition, the dragon head is drawn, and there is the shortcomings that are easy to draw. At present, I am still hesitating. Does the new family use the pumping faucet?

5. Make a wall cream

The wall has been living for a long time, and it will inevitably hurt the wall. Some are holes left by nails, some of them are accidentally bumping, and children with bad bumps, wetness caused by humidity, etc.

Many people, always thinking about it for a while, clean up the uniform, just.

But in fact, there is a cheaper, more time -saving solution, that is, using the wall cream to restore the wall damage.

The operation is very simple, that is, open the wall cream, apply putty in the damaged place, and after wipe it, then use the attached sandpaper to polish it slightly.

Generally, white walls can achieve this hard -visible effect.

6. Double -sided static tablet drag


The electrostatic mop, in the past two years, has been relying on the effect of absorbing fine dust and hair, which has become very hot.

But there is also a pain point, that is, the mop paper is disposable, so that every time people use it, they always have a bit of burden.

So this kind of electrostatic dust removal mop used on both sides can be used. The mop paper above can be used with both sides, so that the cost of using electrostatic mop is half an instant.

But what I never expected was that what I eventually made me was circled, another advantage.


Compared with ordinary electrostatic mop, it can adjust the angle of the mop pole and the head of the mop to 180 °, which means that the pipe tube is a seam that is difficult to dig out. , Very practical.

7. Cabinet sensing lights


The following embedded sensing light belt is currently the most professional sensing light.


Seeing the light does not see the lights, the normal angle is more like the light emitted by the cabinet itself, which is very beautiful.


唯一可能让人吐槽的点,就是太贵,一般定制柜厂家,加灯和不加灯,差别很大,尽管加10条这样的灯带,成本也不过100块,但最终到用户哪里,要是10 lamp bands, 3000+.

Until the appearance of the charging sensor, I think it may be added with its slot.

The embedded induction light is not as flexible as the charging sensing light. It can be pasted everywhere. It needs to be wiring in advance to slot the cabinet and embed the lamp slot.


And after making an embedded sensing light, it means that the cabinet does not change and the light cannot be changed, but the charging sensing lights are flexible. For example, the cat’s eye sensing lights of the face are recently valued, and I can give my own home to my own house. Change a sense of induction light and change the mood.

8. Direct discharge sewer

The water in the sewer is very deep, the expensive knife is hundreds of large, and the cheaper 30 and 40 can also be done. In fact, the core is a inverse valve and a sealed plug.

So when I started, I was also starting with a very popular, popular, and cheap direct discharge.

I only found out that this thing is not only excellent in the water, but also very friendly in storage.


Different from a direct discharge of the water above, it landed directly, and the water was turned vertically. In this way, there was a complete storage space in the bathroom cabinet.

With a complete storage space, it means that it can be taken into account that the launching of the rack, the partition and even the drawer, and the space in the bathroom cabinet is fully utilized.


9, drawer storage box


How many people were scared by the price of the wooden drawer, and they considered the plastic drawer to arrange the wardrobe.


Maybe I thought it was a option to compromise because of money, but after a long time, I would find that the original decision -making is wise, lamenting that I did not choose a wooden drawer.

Because the plastic drawer, compared to the wooden drawer, can change the size of the hanging area in the wardrobe by combining, which meets the actual needs of the wardrobe, because with the increase or decrease of clothes, the size of the hanging area needs to be adjusted.

However, the wooden drawer, once determined, there is no change.

And because of the quality of hardware, it may be time to face problems such as poor pumping, and the drawer storage box will not worry about this problem.


10. Slide trousers

There are many types of panties in the wardrobe. I believe that the following slide rail should be the cheapest solution.

But unfortunately, it is also the most practical solution, because before sliding trousers, almost all pants racks have a problem, that is, it is difficult to get it.


Laren and place.


The sliding rail hanger just solved this problem, pulled out the pants, and all pants were clear at a glance. If you paired with the Z -shaped pants racks above, even the pants would become more convenient.


And it is also very flexible. Even if it is determined, as long as you can free up a free place, you can get a storage grid of an exclusive pants according to what you need.


In addition to pants, storage ties, hats, etc., you can also use this method for storage.

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