Open! “Large Primary School Craftsman” 2021 Skills Summer Camp welcomes 60 small experienceists

In order to help the 46th World Skills Competition held in Shanghai next year, to further create a social atmosphere of respecting skills and advocating skills.

“Large Primary School Craftsman” 2021 Skills Summer Camp officially opened on the 13th



Event site.



“Hundred Years of Dream Building the Future”

For the theme, the Summer Summer Camp faces the young people, carefully screening the three skill projects of “clothing design”, “jewelry production” and “tool engineering”. It is understood,


These three projects are also the 46th World Skills Contest, which helps all sectors of society to experience the wonderful World Championship in advance and preheat the World Championship.

This summer camp lasts for three days. During this period, 60 teenagers from the city’s selection through the city’s election will be carried out in the clothing production room, handmade training room, and the “Shida Science and Technology Innovation Center” in public training bases. Wonderful summer skills practice. At the opening ceremony, the organizer also released the “task list” that needs to be completed during the summer camp, and sent a strong teaching team. The teenagers will be led by Zhang Zufang, a professor of Donghua University and senior technician of clothing.

Sewing multifunctional fashion workers

; Under the leadership of Zhang Yue, senior technician of jewelry appraisal, Shanghai Far East Modern Vocational Training Center,

Creative jewelry of design and making metal materials

; Under the guidance of Yu Jihong, the leader of the Chinese Expert Group of the World Skills Competition,

Make a small bucket arch with unique Chinese architectural characteristics

Wait. Seeing the colorful practical projects at the scene, many “little craftsmen” were interested in, and they were eager to try.


Fashion worker vest.

In 2021, the youth skills experience activity of the “Big Elementary School Craftsman” will be held in mid -to -late July entitled “Entering the Big Airplane -the Mystery Behind the Sky” and “Unveiling the Container -Unveil the Valle of the Giant Doll Machine” Skills Master forum, more than 10 youth skills experience activities such as modern floral arts, vehicle engineering, and CNC vehicles were held from August to October. The majority of citizens and teenagers can pay attention to “Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security” and “Skills Shanghai” WeChat public account for more details and registration.

Jewelry design drawings reflecting the theme elements of “big and middle school craftsmen”.


Fighting arch with Chinese architecture.

According to the person in charge of the Public Training Office of the organizer Shanghai Employment Promotion Center, the youth skills experience project of the “Big and Small Craftsman” is directed by the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Shanghai Newspaper Group. Skills experience practice activities have also received strong support from Shanghai Science and Technology and Art Education Center and Shanghai Youth Activity Center.

Since the project was launched in 2018, the organizer relies on the training facilities and equipment of the public training base of China (Shanghai) high -skilled talent public training centers, China (Shanghai) entrepreneur public training base, and innovation experimental trial system to fully tap high -skilled talent training Base, social science and technology practice base resources, equipped with first -class skill training teachers, customized 15 skill projects suitable for young skills experience experience, and have held a total of 44 skill experience activities, 2 skill masters lecture halls, nearly 1,500 young people. Participating in it, I deeply felt the charm of skills, and continued to inject the concepts of respecting skills and love into the growth gene of young people.

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