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There seems to be a big deal to choose the best bicycle kettle: All the water bottles are equal, right? Well, it is not exactly.

In fact, when riding a bike, you will find that there are many requirements for kettle. It needs to be suitable for your kettle frame. It will not shake when cycling. It is easy to absorb water. Even if it is used frequently, it can maintain elasticity. Ideally, the temperature of the water can be kept water in hot weather. Here, foreign media studied how to choose a top bicycle kettle that suits us, and what made them so outstanding …

Best kettle: Polar Breakaway Muck Insulated

In hot weather, you cannot resist the Polar kettle. Their heat insulation performance is very good, which can keep the water at high temperatures at a low temperature for several hours. For those who add sports drinks or ride under dust, it is also easy to clean. Polar’s pressure regulating cap is easy to disassemble, so you can use it to clean it before. Unlike cheap kettle, this kettle can be cleaned with dishwasher without deforming in a cleaning.

It also has a dust hat that is easy to use. It can be easily opened and closed with one hand when riding, which is very suitable for mud or dusty riding. It is also very easy to squeeze and control water flow. It has 350, 590 and 710 ml capacity.

Material: Plastic without BPA composition

Capacity: 350, 590 and 710 ml

Weight: 590 ml 139g

Sugged retail price: $ 14

Advantages: Basically perfect, can prevent dust from entering your mouth in non -paved pavement

Disadvantages: No, real!

Best taste: Specialized Purist Watergate

If you once purchased a custom kettle from a car shop (and actually want to use it), it is likely to be the Specialized Purist kettle. It is not only a high -quality and easy -to -use kettle, which can be used for many years, but they do not have the plastic taste of other cheap kettle.


This is because the Purist Watergate kettle uses a kind of unskilled silica coating and is injected into the inner wall of the kettle to form a glass -like wall, making your water drink without odor.

Simple valves are easy to drink and are convenient for switching. Even after many use, it can still be perfectly sealed, allowing users to install protein powder drinks and sports drinks without having to worry about the water sprinkled everywhere. If you like to drink frozen water, you can upgrade to the insulation version.


Volume: 650 and 769 ml

Weight: 650 ml 79g

Sugged retail price: $ 10 (the preservation version is $ 18)


Advantages: The taste of water is very good

Disadvantages: No, this is true!

Best Original: Camelbak Podium Chill insulation kettle

We have a little love and hatred for Camelbak Podium Chill bottle. They invented many different types of high -quality kettles, but each iteration became harder and more difficult to clean. The following is its advantages and disadvantages:

First of all, it is very common, so if you accidentally lose your kettle, it is likely that any outdoor shop will be sold. It can not occur for several years, and because the double -wall thermal insulation materials are used, the water can be cooler. The disadvantage of hard and durable outer walls is that it is more difficult to squeeze than other kettles in this article. It is difficult for children and small hands to squeeze it with one hand.

Its knob valve makes it the most impossible kettle, but the cost of this function is too complicated valve design, which is difficult to completely disassemble and clean … Believe me, you will want to clean it regularly because the dirt will be in it, because the dirt will be in it, because the dirt will be in it, because the dirt will be in the dirt, because the dirt will be in it, because the dirt will be in it, because the dirt will be in the dirt. The corner and gap of the valve becomes crazy.

Volume: 620 ml, 710 ml

Weight: 100g

Sugged retail price: $ 14 (710 ml 16 USD)

Advantages: Keep the temperature and not leak water

Disadvantages: difficult to squeeze, more difficult to clean

Most suitable for lightweight party: Elite Fly

Elite produced a lightweight kettle of only 54G, making it the lightest in this list. The nozzle is very easy to open and close with the teeth, and because the side wall of the kettle is thinner, the kettle that is most likely to squeeze so far is also important to the driver.

This is not only very suitable for hands with small hands and weak strength (for example: children), but also a security function -if you drop the kettle in the team, someone will crush from the kettle, it will be pressed by it Broken, which greatly reduces the possibility of accidents.

This kettle is only sold for $ 8, which is the cheapest one in this article. Even if it is often used, it can withstand the test of the dishwasher. If you prefer to ride a full -terrain road car or other muddy environments, you can add a optional lid to the nozzle to protect it from the effect of dust during cycling. It also has a variety of colors to match the color of any team or frame.

Volume: 620 ml

Weight: 54G

Sugged retail price: $ 8

Advantages: ultra -light, easy to squeeze

Disadvantages: No insulation function

Best Environmental Protection kettle: Bivo One

If you want a bottle that can be used for many years, fashionable and environmentally friendly kettle, then Bivo One is your dream kettle. This stainless steel bicycle kettle is unique. Although it is unexpectedly designed, such as the full matte steel body and silicone nozzle, its function is almost the same as that of ordinary plastic kettles. Bivo is an environmental protection company, so in addition to using less plastic, you can also choose to support a more sustainable environmental protection bicycle equipment brand.


This may take some time to adapt, and it is not suitable for competition. Obviously, you can’t squeeze the kettle, so you need to tilt it back to drink. Of course, it is much heavier than lightweight plastic kettle. But for the endurance cyclists, the long -distance riding party, the office workers who bring the kettle into the office, or the riders who like to use less plastic equipment, Bivo One is a unique choice.


Material: Stainless steel


Weight: 167G

Sugged retail price: $ 29

Advantages: environmental protection, it looks great

Disadvantages: expensive, heavy weight, only suitable for leisure riding

Best kettle of riding commute: Hydroflask

您绝对不会在公路骑行或竞赛情况下使用Hydroflask,但如果您是一个上班族,想要一个水壶可以从水壶架到背包再到办公桌,而且看起来很时尚,还可以盛放热饮或Cold drinks, 620 ml Hydroflask will be an ideal choice.

People who ride in summer will like this kettle because it is insulated to keep the drink at a low temperature of 24 hours. Obesity riders may prefer it because they can drink coffee for 12 hours on the road. Please note that you can buy different lids for use in different environments. But if you throw it in the backpack, in order to avoid leakage, use two lids at the same time.


Weight: 320g

Sugged retail price: $ 33

Advantages: you can drink hot drinks or cold drinks all day long


Disadvantages: It is not easy to drink water when riding a bike, very heavy


The best extra iconic kettle for long -distance ride: Katadyn Befree 0.6L Water Filter

The soft bottle with the lid not only makes the squeeze easier, but also makes it safe. Katadyn Befree kettle is not suitable for your bicycle, but if you want to ride a long distance, there may be no clean water supply along the way. You can stuff it into your back pocket.

It is very suitable for the riding party, all -terrain highway drivers and mountain drivers that need to filter functions, especially in areas where you are not sure of the reliability or quality of water. You don’t need to carry heavy filters because the filter is built in the lid. If you are willing, you can slowly squeeze the water through the filter to re -filled your ordinary kettle.

material: plastic

Volume: 600 ml

Weight: 93g

Sugged retail price: $ 40

Advantages: filtering water that does not dry gel, easy to plug into pockets or backpacks

Disadvantages: Not suitable for installation in the kettle frame

Bicycle kettle purchase guide

The following are the considerations of foreign media when buying a bicycle kettle:

Volume: The larger volume of the kettle is good for disadvantages. Most kettles have a size of 620 ml, and there are 710 ml of large kettles to choose from. If you care about weight, a 620 ml kettle is the best, but for most people, 710 ml bottle is more useful, because if you want to ride a short time, you can simply choose not to fill it.

Price: Do not pick it up to the kettle. In this horizontal review, the cheapest kettle is still $ 8. Because under normal circumstances, the cheaper kettle than this may be deforming, odor, leakage or soon worn in the dishwasher. If you get a kettle for free from a car shop, event or a team, it is great. Anyway, don’t waste money on the cheap products of large department stores.

Easy to drink: Pay attention to select nozzle. The ancient nozzle of pulling down and down is not so attractive now. This is due to a better human engineering design, making it easier to drink. Some kettles have a locking function on the nozzle valve. If you are used to throwing the kettle into the backpack on the journey, this will be great. All kettle on this list are very easy to drink!

Extrudicity: This is important for some people. The kettle does not require a large “squeeze” to play a role, because you can always tilt your head and kettle back to drink, but your sight needs to leave the road. This is for those who are “fast”. In terms of, a kettle that is easy to squeeze is very critical.

Easy to clean: If you often ride a bicycle, a kettle that can be cleaned in the dishwasher and does not have any corners and gaps is essential. Over time, the kettle can easily accumulate mold, so please make sure your kettle is easy to clean.

What else do you use to do? The last question is about the use of kettle. In this article, there are several non -traditional kettles, such as Hydroflask and Katadyn. Because not everyone needs a bicycle kettle. Office workers may prefer coffee to work with Hydroflask, and mountain drivers may like Katadyn at hand to cope with the situation that they must drink water.

Common questions about riding kettles

1. How to clean the kettle?

Find a kettle that can be cleaned with a dishwasher, which can save your time. But avoid ultra -high temperature, because high temperature can cause kettle deformation. If you wash it with your hand, make sure the kettle is soaked in the warm soapy water for a few minutes, and then use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean the various corners and gaps of the kettle, especially when you install sports drinks in the kettle.

For bottle caps, the above statement is also applicable. If you can disassemble the nozzle, please clean them thoroughly. You may need to use a pipe cleaning brush (like using a stainless steel straw) to enter the inside of the nozzle, where the bacteria and mold are in severe disaster.

In addition, we must be gentle. Camelbak warned users, “You should also avoid the gap between the brush or cleaning tool through the spray -the gap of the nozzle -this may cause the bottle cap to damage and leak water.”

2. Can I put hot drinks in a riding kettle?

We don’t recommend pouring hot water into your kettle, unless they are designed for this -just like Hydro Flasks. Even if the hot drink is poured into a stainless steel kettle like Bivo, it is a bad idea, because it will be hot!

3. How do I keep the water in the kettle cold?

We do not recommend frozen kettle filled with water, because this will cause some kettles to expand and deformed slightly, or even rupture. Instead, you can fill them with ice cubes and water in the morning. The insulation kettle and ice cubes can keep your drink cool for a few hours. You can even make sports drink ice cubes to avoid diluted drinks when ice melts!

Material: Plastic without BPA composition

Material: Plastic without BPA composition


Material: Plastic without BPA composition

Volume: 620 ml

Volume: 620 ml

Material: Stainless steel

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