Yang Qianyi cut Sassoon’s short hair, and the red A burst, with a black suit suit and gas field.

If you want to make yourself more fashionable and atmospheric, you can first consider the suit in daily life. The style and color of the suit can make many changes. Through these changes, you can highlight another style. Everyone in daily life Female friends can also learn from Yang Qianyi’s match. Choosing a black suit on the body, fashionable and atmospheric, combined with fluorescent green letter design is more eye -catching, which can highlight the sense of fashion. The whole shape is very foreign.

Yang Qianyi cut Sassoon’s short hair, and the red A burst, with a black suit suit and gas field! The traditional suit belongs to the black suit. The thin effect of the black suit on the body is obvious, and the black suit is particularly versatile. No matter what item is combined The suspender can also be paired with a shirt. If you want to be casual, you can match a T -shirt in the suit, which looks very versatile.


This suit version is particularly sexy, showing a high -level feeling. The figure looks particularly tall. At the same time, this very fashionable low -cut design is combined in the suit, which can also highlight the looming career line, and Yang Qianyi is very slim, without the slightest fat, and a suit like this can show a handsome side and not feel vulgar.


The suits combine the fluorescent green pattern as the embellishment. This kind of letters can show a sense of high -level, and the irregular design can better break the routine. It is relatively fashionable and versatile. Friends can learn from this design to show our personal charm, and it looks more fashionable.

The trousers of the lower body are also very fashionable. The version of the trousers is very loose. The combination of this micro -lan design can interpret the sense of high -level, and it can make the whole look more foreign, walking with wind, fashion and and styling The atmosphere, wearing the feet can highlight the sense of high level, and the figure looks particularly tall.


T -shirt with a blue skirt to create a gentle temperament. The same color system can interpret the feeling of coordination and unity. The combination of depth can also further create a sense of layering. The curve is particularly elegant and touching, combined with blue high heels, and the thick soles can also highlight a tall figure.

The fresh and elegant yellow dress is very gentle on the body. This light yellow dress has a white effect on the body, and such a dress is combined with a loose version, which is more casual. If you want to look more gentle, you can cut a short hair and clean. The overall shape is very girly, and such light makeup can also highlight the fair and rosy skin.

Printing dresses are fashionable and advanced. Printing dress itself is a very retro design. It is more fashionable and generous to integrate this irregular printed color, and it will not feel monotonous. For mature women, choose a chiffon chiffon. The printed dress can also highlight the good temperament on the body. Yang Qianyi dyed a short purple hair. Such purple is very gentle and very individual. Combining very gentle nude makeup can also make the whole person look particularly feminine.

As a very strong item, the suit can immediately improve your aura and become the focus of the audience. Wearing a red suit can further improve the gas field. The red saturation is super high. Wearing it on the body can allow us It looks very elegant and moving, and the red suit suit is also very versatile and will not feel monotonous. When wearing a suit, female friends can learn from Yang Qianyi’s matching method. Simple and neat suit tailoring can perfectly modify the good figure.


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