Are you tired of the shoes of a certain treasure? A variety of women’s shoes special price, or foreign shoes?

The soles of this shoe have done well. I bought it a few times, and its flat shoes are also done well ~

看腻了某宝的鞋吗? 多款女鞋特价, 还是国外单鞋呢

Generally, the soles of flat soles are relatively thin, but you will not feel the hardness of stepping on the ground. Its soles are made of very soft and supported artificial materials. Although it is flat shoe, you can you can, but you can you can It is very comfortable to wear. It is not the kind of hard sole gum. You will not feel tired for a day when you wear it. The feet are very painful. Other casual shoes are also good.

There is also not much shoe code. If you like it, you can bring pictures to consult. Because it is a broken code, the price is more cost -effective. The styles are all new.

2020 round -headed canvas shoes color: light blue original price 170, now 85

Color: Navy Blue Original Price 180, now 86

看腻了某宝的鞋吗? 多款女鞋特价, 还是国外单鞋呢

Monochromatic adjustment of casual shoes black: original price 150 now 79

Most suitable for work is most suitable for versatile elegant and flat -bottom single shoes color: brown original price 130, now 75

Monochromatic adjustment of casual shoes white: original price 160 now 75

看腻了某宝的鞋吗? 多款女鞋特价, 还是国外单鞋呢

Metal ball buckle generous flat -bottomed toe Single shoe beige original price 130, now 75

It is most suitable for work for the most elegant and flat -bottomed shoes, beige, original price 130, now 75

看腻了某宝的鞋吗? 多款女鞋特价, 还是国外单鞋呢

Original price of flat shoes around ankle 146, now 69

看腻了某宝的鞋吗? 多款女鞋特价, 还是国外单鞋呢

The artificial material upper and insoles, I bought this flat sole shoe a few times, the soles are very comfortable, and it is very! Wear! Fried chicken looks good and comfortable ~

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