Cartoon kindergarten PVC floor is the favorite of children

Kindergarten PVC flooring, as the name suggests, is the ground decoration materials provided for kindergartens, children’s activity centers and other places, which are usually called kindergarten ground glue and children’s ground gum. According to the previous situation, every summer vacation and winter vacation, it will be the peak of the purchase of the kindergarten PVC floor. Most of the required kindergartens or training institutions will choose to decorate or renovate at this time so that in the “opening season” Children enjoy more intimate and better learning growth environment. So, how do people from different angles view for kindergarten PVC flooring?

Child: Favorite beautiful cartoon pattern


As the main population of kindergarten, children are obviously the most right to speak. After investigation and communication with some kindergarten children, the quality of the kindergarten (hardware) that most children refer to it means whether it is prepared here. Come to configure, is it convenient to use; is the environment and color here the same as the “colorful world” in their hearts; because most children like to watch cartoons, the various cartoon images in cartoons will Become the favorite of children, and then match different colors, such as orange orange, grape purple, etc., it is difficult to make children don’t like it.

The kindergarten PVC floor is also the same. Some children like cartoon patterns with a variety of different bright colors. Children live in the space where such cartoon kindergarten floors are laid. , Grow better.

Kindergarten PVC floor

Parents: Environmental protection and health are critical


Compared to children’s simple likes, parents are more concerned about “environmental protection” and “health”. In recent years, with the continuous development of society, whether it is aimed at the elderly or for children, the topic of health and safety and environmental protection has always been. Hot discussion.

As a new type of ground material, the kindergarten PVC floor has been recognized by most kindergartens and kindergartens. The kindergarten PVC floor is actually a green product. From the perspective of raw materials, it is absolutely environmentally friendly and healthy. The regular brand of kindergarten PVC flooring products will also be submitted to the relevant national inspection department for testing. After the test, a certificate will be issued to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

Kindergarten: durable, non -slip is fundamental

As a kindergarten that uses kindergarten flooring, how to ensure that the safety of children during the kindergarten is the top priority. Children are in the stage of physical development, and the brain’s balance is poor, often falling and slipping. If the ground is too hard and too slippery, it will aggravate the injury of the child. In addition, due to the affected by the cost factors, the kindergarten floor of wear -resistant, durable, high -quality and low -cost and low -cost is more favored by kindergartens.


Factory: The continuous innovation of technology will increase the competitiveness of the product

As the top ten PVC floor suppliers in China, Tengfang Fangfang believes that only continuous technological innovation can meet people’s requirements and expectations for the increasingly higher and higher requirements of the kindergarten PVC flooring. Great recognition, only continuous technological innovation will reduce costs, improve product competitiveness and vitality.

Kindergarten PVC floor

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