How to buy entry from the telephoto lens? I have to regret buying the wrong!

In many photographers’ plans, there must be a telephoto, but for users with a small budget, the entrance telephoto is not easy to choose, and there are not many good heads. Don’t buy it, remember, buy it, regret it, how to choose? See what the old wolf says?


Except for the silly and thick professional image of the telephoto, the charm of the long -focus blur is unstoppable. At the auto show, the telephoto is attractive (in fact, the girl prefers the white cannon), the old wolf once said in the previous article: “


The telephoto lens either does not buy, buy the lap “

This is also an experience. It is not easy to save money, but saving money is not easy. Is it worth buying in the entry -level telephoto lens?

Don’t touch a type of lens


The telephoto lenses such as 55-200mm, 55-250mm mostly appear in the suit. Plastic materials, general workmanship, slow focus speed, too small aperture, poor edge picture quality, but the basic characteristics of a telephoto lens are still very very good Obviously, the imaging is relatively flat and the depth of the scene is relatively flat.

The purpose of the manufacturer’s launch of these lenses is only one -to make money. Although the price is not black, it is only a thousand yuan, but when you look at the largest F4 aperture, what can you do? Anyway, it is one of them. Do n’t ask after similar questions. If you do n’t believe in evil, go to the market to collect second -hand goods and detoxify yourself.

18-200mm is not a telephoto

In the old wolf’s dictionary, the 18-200mm lens is not classified as a category of telephoto, but belongs to a travel lens. The configuration of one machine and one mirror, just go out with a gun bag. Go, you can take it up, you don’t need to change the lens, although it is at the expense of the quality of the picture. What exactly is the poor picture quality? To be honest, under the maximum aperture, the edge image quality decreases more obvious. The most reasonable way to use this type of lens to go to the world is that it should be “collected” to “collect”. The aperture is appropriately closed for 2 ~ 3 gears.


Why not be a telephoto, in the final analysis, it is still not long enough?

70-300mm you have to pick

First of all, the old wolf feels too one -sided about the phrase “the heavier the telephoto lens is heavier”. After all, some old lenses are still real. Although 99%of the digital fuselage can be used, don’t imagine the old age. The imaging quality of the lens will be better than the new lens imaging quality, and the role of optimization in the digital era cannot be ignored. The other is the focus speed. For the telephoto lens, this is an extremely important performance assessment. It can not be taken, and it can also make a mess.

Who is more important about the large aperture and anti -shake function, where the old wolf can also give a conclusion, that is, depending on the situation. The aperture F2.8 can provide a shutter speed that is faster than F5.6. High -speed shutter has a great effect on clearly fixed and fast -moving objects. When the shutter speed is much higher than the safety shutter, the anti -shake function does not play up What to do, at this time, there is no choice but to improve the ISO.

If you shoot scenery or static objects, when the shutter speed is lower than the safety shutter, the stabilization function is very critical to increase the speed of the stabilization of 2-4, which can ensure that the picture is stable and the effect is obvious.

At the price of 2000 yuan, what can really buy is the Tenglong SP 70-300mm/F4-5.6 DI VC USD (market transaction price 2980 yuan). This was launched by Tenglong to celebrate the 60th anniversary, so it is still a bit expected. Add 1 XLD ultra -low -color loose lens and 1 LD low -color loose lens. The built -in USD ultrasonic driving motor is equipped with VC anti -shake technology.

Although the mirror body becomes longer, the weight is doubled faster than the previous generation, but in terms of picture quality, it is still possible. The sharpness is high, the stabilization effect is perfect, the color is oily, and the coke is soft. Yuan’s original head, to say the shortcomings, the workmanship is a bit thicker, the focusing sound is slightly louder, and the telephoto will pull the box sometimes.


At the price of 3,000 yuan, Nikon’s little donkey cannon 70-300mm/F4.5-5.6 ED VR is a folding choice. Recently, it has dropped to 3100 yuan, which surprised the old wolf. To say the technology used, Nikon still has a little brain. It uses ED ultra -low -color scattered lens, SWM tranquility fluctuation motor and VR II anti -shake. The cost performance is relatively high. Compared with the small bamboo cannon, it is light. Increase the speed of the 3rd gear, the aperture of 70-200mm segment is available, and the quality of the aperture is also good in the 200-300mm segment, but the work of the work cannot help say a few words. Really treat yourself as a cheap goods.

For those movie friends who have already purchased the long -focus lens of the small aperture, the only remedy is the previous tripod, which is carbon, aluminum alloy, or human flesh. Let’s use it first. After all, the best anti -shake system is a tripod, which is not fake at all.

PS: According to the latest news this week, the new generation of EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens that Canon is about to release is a bit regrettable that it still uses USM ultrasonic motor instead of EF 24-105mm f/3.5 -5.6 using STM step -type automatic focus motor like IS lens. It is estimated that the price is only 1xxx, and it cannot be expensive anymore.

What telephoto have you bought? Have you regretted it? Welcome everyone to vomit in the comment area.

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