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For many people, after a day of busy, it is a very comfortable thing to return home to take a comfortable hot bath immediately! As the protagonist of the bath, the shower directly determines the comfort during the bath, so it is particularly important to choose the right shower before the decoration. So how to choose a shower? Today we will describe it in detail from the aspects of materials, functions, valve cores.

1. The selection of shower can be divided into copper and stainless steel from the material. Generally, the texture of copper is better, and the corrosion resistance and durability are higher than stainless steel. Of course, the price will be higher.


2. The material of copper is divided into 52 copper, 55 copper, 59 copper, and 62 copper. The national standard stipulates that the copper content of bathroom products is 59%, the lead content is 1%, and the rest are zinc and other elements, which is called 59 copper; the other 62 copper is also good to use. The copper molding will become worse. It is best to ask the store when you buy it.

High -end brands will choose high -quality brass casting

3. The treatment of the electroplating layer is also very important for shower. Generally, it can be judged by knocking on the surface: there is a crisp sound quality and a poor quality of the sound. If it is not a matte process, you can also judge the light and cleanliness. It can be used as a mirror, indicating that the electroplatidascular layer is relatively high -quality.

4. The constant temperature shower is particularly applicable to the two situations. One is that when the water pressure in many places in the home is unstable, the water temperature of ordinary shower is cold and heat; In this case, the constant temperature shower has a safety temperature. As soon as the water temperature exceeds, the water will be automatically broken. For example, Farnsha’s V-POUR Narcotic thermostat is designed with an AI temperature control system, which locks a comfortable water temperature of 40 ° C, and has the function of anti-scaling children’s locks to effectively prevent the accidental operation of children and the elderly and cause burns.

Farnesha V-POUR Weipbo-AI Temperature Control System

The reason why the constant temperature shower has such an excellent temperature control function is also because of its core component -the valve core. At present, the most used in the industry is the native valve core of the thermostat of the paraffin. Its working principle is to put high -purity paraffin in a small container and cover a rubber sensor tablet on the container port. The principle of swelling and contraction, the volume of the paraffin changes with the occurrence of the sensor of the container mouth to drive the spring to promote the piston to adjust the mixed ratio of the cold and hot water to ensure the constant temperature of the water temperature.


Internal anatomy of the temperature valve core


5. The sprinkler is recommended to use a silicone noble head, so that even if it is stacked for a long time, you only need to mobilize the glue with your hands to remove it easily. For example, Farnsha’s V-POUR Naruto’s noble sprit head is a semi-transparent liquid silicone, soft and high bomb, not easy to block, just rub it gently to quickly clean.

Farnesha V-POUR Weipin Temperature Temperature Show-translucent liquid silicone outlet


6. It is best to use the air injection function of the shower, so that when the shower is out of the water, it will form air bubbles full of air. The water droplets are full and soft. When hitting the body, the experience feels very comfortable. As in the following figure, the tropical oxygen murder mode of the Fernesha V-PORER vitamin of the constant temperature shower, water droplets continue to flow out like rain forests in tropical rain forests, making the bathors easily and comfortable as if they are in a tropical rain forest.


Farnesha V-POUR Weipbo-immersed bath system

New house decoration is a top priority of every family. As a space for the highest frequency of daily life, the bathroom is particularly important. As one of the core components of the bathroom, shower needs to consider it in all aspects. If you still do n’t understand this article, you can leave a message in the comment area, and the author will reply as soon as possible after seeing it.

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