How to adjust the natural gas stove flame? Recognize the blue fire, powerful and suitable height, easy to use and gas saving

The newly bought natural gas stove can not be used by fire. Instead, you need to set and debug. The key is the flame, which should be adjusted to the best state according to our gas environment. The method of adjustment is mainly to adjust its wind door to ensure the most suitable wind. Otherwise, the natural gas stove may not meet the parameter standards, affecting our normal use.

Method of adjustment of natural gas stove flames

Adjusting the flames of natural gas stoves should be achieved, the color is light blue, the flames are rushing and powerful, and the height should be suitable for the pots used. This is the best standard, and it is precisely the highest thermal value of this state. It is the highest efficiency and the most gas -saving when used. The specific adjustment method is as follows:

1. Fire and find the wind door


To adjust the flames of the cooker, you should first fire, and then find the wind door where the cooker is set on the back. A stove eye corresponds to two metal paddles, which controls the internal fire and the outer fire. Here is the embedded stove, and below is the situation that can be reached to adjust the wind door. If it is a desktop cooker or below the embedded stove cannot be extended, it is recommended to place the cooker to a position that can be extended in one hand to easily adjust. Do not lift the stoves on the side, the flames will be deviated, and it is not well adjusted.

2. Adjust the wind door paddle to the flame to become light blue

The wind door paddles of the natural gas stove are moved along the slot. Generally, there are gears. When we move, we will feel the sound. First of all, the two paddles should be adjusted to the minimum air -in state, and then slowly open until the flame of the stove becomes light blue. Here are recommended two paddles to adjust together to prevent the two flames affect each other, and it must be adjusted repeatedly when it is opened at the same time.


3. Adjust the flame height


The height of adjusting the flame is still the adjustment of the wind door paddle. We need to put the pot we are going to use to put a certain amount of water and place it on the stove. Then, while looking at the flame height, mobilizing the paddles, and adjusting the flame to the outer flame just to the bottom of the pot. If it is a pointed pan, it is generally recommended that the flame is 5 ~ 10 cm under the mouth of the pot. This naturally depends on the specific situation of the wok.

The flame high adjustment requires patience. Pay attention to windproof during the process of adjustment, and ensure that the flame is still light blue. And listening to the sound of the air is rapid, the flame looks powerful, it is the best state, and a soft flame.

At this point, even if the flame of the natural gas stove is completed, it is not complicated, and it is easy for us to master it. If we do not master the kind of flames that are more suitable for our pot, we can do a test, make the same water, see the same water, and see the same water. Looking at the kind of flame height, it was the best. In addition, for the double -eye stove, it is recommended that the two stove eyes have a division of labor. For example, a stove eye is specially fried, and it is highly adjusted according to the flames suitable for the flame of the wok. The other is the cooking, which is adjusted according to the pan. This depends on personal hobbies. Of course, the heat load of some stoves on the left and right stoves is different, just adjust according to the actual situation.


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