The coat that cannot be swept in length, where can I talk about fashion first!

Want to keep warm and beautiful in the cold wind? I can only make an article on the coat

Did you find that this year’s coat


The longer the more stylish!


It is the most fashionable to be able to sweep the ground and it is the most fashionable

Not to say this (brain replenishment .jpg) ▼


There is no height and body of supermodel? What are you afraid of! The advantage of the long coat is that it is high and thin! How to wear? Not much to say, the picture above is the most practical ~

Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid)



Zaid Affas

The 2016 autumn and winter series white super long coat, directly drag the floor, full of energy

Hailey Baldwin




Camel long coat classic and versatile, is a good choice for investing in long coats!

Velvet, bright patent leather

It is a popular element this year. Big names such as Max Mara and Valentino have been launched.

| Type A coat + over -the -knee boots |

The secret of the coat with knee boots is: the boots are consolidated with the legs and coats to achieve the visual balance.

| H -shaped coat + short boots |


To wear H -shaped coats, in addition to short boots, fashionable people also have tricks. Various style of dress can best highlight femininity.

| Waist coat Tibetan boots |

Hidden over -knee boots into the hem of the coat, fashionable and warm, is the stunt of many tide people.


Yes, you read it right.

| Suede coat |

Who said that wearing a coat can only wear high heels to get aura? Choose the heavy texture of suede or whole skin, and put on sports shoes more personality, which can balance vision, but also easily concave fashionable and fashionable

| Coat + wide -leg pants |

Coat+wide -leg pants to enhance the temperament ability first, and it is also a must -have for walking and wind. It has been fired and can’t be hot.

Applying to the red school uniforms this year is also effective


But there is always a pain, called:


Buyers show



Seller show


Why do people in Europe and Americans wear Fan? Because Asian facial features are not three -dimensional! If the skin is not clean enough and not glorious enough, the whole person’s clothes can easily give people a feeling of haggard & gray

Let’s talk about skin tone ~


The skin is not clean enough

(Poor acne marks, dull skin tone)

The whole person looks easy to look refreshing and unclean, so choosing a coat must also focus on the fabric, it is best to look like

The texture is delicate and the texture is flat



The skin color is yellowish and dark


The most common skin tone problem in this type of Asian is very bad, so when choosing a coat, pay attention: the color of the fabric is best simple

The fabric mixed with coloring is Da Lei District ~

The skin tone is yellow and dull. It is the enemy of many girls. It is really troublesome to not be able to build it! The trick is: create a bright and dark pair

In contrast, the color of the calmness is more suitable. In the case where the skin is not so perfect, it is recommended to choose a solid color

It is not good to be too stuck in the “Advanced Three -color” black and white and gray. When it is too monotonous, it is likely that you still have not worn any energy.


There are many optional schemes in the body: either

large area

The color block, either


High degree

Light color, either

High -saturation+low saturation


Color, either simply use




Most recommended


Why? Because it will be one of the most popular colors next year!

Authoritative color institution Pantone (the pink color and quiet blue that fired for a full year last year was proposed by them) ▼


It was announced in 2017 less than a day ago. It is a very fresh Greenery.

I feel that a large wave of green items are coming on the way ~ There are not many people, hurry up and think about how to “green” next year ~

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