After the autumn, the cigarette pipe pants have become a new fashion pet. With sweater, it can also improve the temperament.

After the autumn, many people are more and more prefer pants. They are more and more wearing pants. Any style of jackets want to use pants, and everyone has the choice of pants. It is relatively strict. Some people like wide -leg pants, smoke pants, and straight pants. Each pants are the types of many girls like.

So let’s take a look at why the cigarette pants can become a new favorite of fashion, and the versatile is pretty good?

1. Tobacco pants with knitwear

The knit sweater feels better, and wearing is gentle to wear. Whether it is any style of knitwear, it gives a very gentle and romantic feeling, so it is actually very suitable to match pants, and many pants wear wear It is also very warm to get up, with a very comfortable feeling.


Although the black V -neck top is chosen, and the V -neck sweater is also very gentle, it gives people a very favorite feeling, although many skin is not recommended to wear black, such as a little dark, yellow skin, a little yellow skin. Or it is relatively young, it is a bit dull wearing black, but if the skin is relatively white, it can be selected and the impact is not great.


It can also be like such fashion bloggers. In fact, many fashion bloggers still have the value of reference and reference. Choose a cigarette pipe pants directly, and it is still white. Favorite classic matching, this match is slightly more mature, which is more valuable for girls in their 30s.

And the pants are also the type of nine -point pants, and the effect of nine -point pants is also better. The focus is that the nine -point pants are thinner, and the waistline can be improved. In fact, the matching is relatively mature and stable, and it feels that the effect of people aged 30 to 40 will be better.

Although each match is actually different, even the colors they choose are different, but each age has different matching skills, and it cannot make themselves look tender, so each stage has its own unique skills.


Second, cigarette pants with black top


Generally in autumn, many of us have begun to prepare jackets. Various coats are more secure and warm for us. If the weather is colder, the matching styles are thick One point, especially in autumn and winter, is also very suitable for tops and coats. The matching effect of coats is also very good.

Moreover, the cigarette pants are actually better to choose. Most of the cigarette pipes have a little 9 -point pants. Nineteen pants can expose sharp calfs, it will look a lot better, and it will look thinner a little thinner. Therefore, since the autumn, everyone’s favorite styles are much higher than other styles.


Then choose a black coat to match. In fact, although the black coat does have a little impact on the skin tone, if the style is different, or a more beautiful style, so that the black coat will have a better effect on the skin tone of the face. Essence


We can also choose a very gentle knit sweater in the inside, and the effect of the inside is also very good. Many people will choose a different inside, especially the gentle sweater and bottoming shirt. It also looks very gentle, and there are vests. The vest can be said to be the best effect.

Generally, if the weather is relatively cold, we will choose more boots, and the effect of boots is better, and the boots can give people a more warm sense of security. If many people choose boots, the most important point is to keep warm Essence


Third, cigarette pants with knitwear

Knit sweater gives a particularly gentle feeling, and the knitwear is really gentle when wearing, and the styles are very diverse, especially the jackets that everyone likes, sweater, vest sweater, these knitwear, and these knitted sweater also It is the most popular style in autumn, and it is also the best style with the best match.


For example, this picture of the picture of the picture will give a particularly gentle feeling, and then it will give people a particularly warm feeling, and the bottoming shirt is also better to match, the bottom shirt is also warm, many bottom shirts are all bottom shirts There is a bit of a high -necked sweater.

Just wear a black cigarette pants in the pants, and the cigarette pants itself is relatively loose. There are some cigarette pipe pants similar to wide -leg pants. It will give people a very comfortable feeling, and black will look more mature and stable, and every piece of pants can give people a different feeling.


The bag is also relatively simple. The simple style is different. It can be seen that it is relatively simple, and then simple, simple and simple.

The shoes chosen by this fashion blogger are also relatively mature. Although it is simple ladies’ shoes, the type of shoes is very good. It has a very mature feeling and a very temperamental feeling.

After the autumn, we do not choose a very relaxed and refreshing skirt, but we choose very comfortable and more versatile pants, especially for many fat girls, we like wide -leg pants, smoke pants pants. The pants are also better to match, and the focus is on the new favorite of fashion.

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