This year’s “sweater + skirt” is popular, gentle, elegant and fashionable, women who run around and four are more learned

At the time of the season, the girls will be very entangled in wearing, and there are too many styles of clothes. I do n’t know how to choose, so everyone must start with a sweater this year. It is gentle with a skirt. You can also refer to it, let you make a spring day. This year’s “sweater + skirt” is popular, gentle, elegant and fashionable, and women who run around and four!

1. How to choose knitwear?

① Choose a self -cultivation style

The gentle sweater can really highlight the femininity, but it is also critical to choose a suitable sweater in this season. If you want to be thin, it is not recommended to wear too loose version. In particular, Oversize’s knitwear will also look bloated by accidental accidental women. They choose a sweater to fit their figure curves and use the knitting items that can tolerate their body to be thin.


Therefore, we will find in the daily wear of the bloggers of the Japanese miscellaneous bloggers that they are basically slim design for their chosen sweaters. The cleverness highlights the waist, and at the same time, you can also match some loose undercuts to form a contrast. The proportion looks better, and we don’t feel dull and old -fashioned on weekdays.

②V -neck cut tailoring is thinner

When choosing a sweater, the design of the neckline is quite critical. There are three main types of knitwear, one is a round neck, followed by V -neck, and the design of high neck. In contrast, the V -neck design is indeed the highest, and the proportion of the small man will feel the proportion. Then you can also stretch the neck through the V -neck. The young lady can start.

③ The popular color is white and temperament


Don’t always wear black and white in warm spring. You should use some popular colors, like red, pink, and blue. This belongs to the more popular colors in spring and summer. It is gentle and refreshing on the body. Like these sweater, it will also look beautiful in popular colors, and it will not be dull at all.


2. Introduction to the selection of skirts

① High -waist design modification ratio

If you choose a skirt, try to choose a high -waist version. Low -waist skirts are easy to step on lightning, and it is easy to lower our proportion. The young lady with short legs should not try to use the low -waist under the concave shape, which will cause the proportion to appear imbalance. The matching of the jacket corner is quite practical, and the small man can use it more.


② The printing model is stronger

Everyone will find that there are many fashion trends on the street now people like to use various printing items. The matching of printed skirts is also quite common. Just like the printed skirt below, it looks very fashionable. Different colors and different pattern embellishments can highlight their personal taste and look fashionable and individual.


The length of the printed dress can also be longer. This combination adds a gentle temperament, but it must be paired with some simple tops and shoes to avoid dullness.


3. Fashionable sweater and skirts wear



With a sweater with a skirt, you may be able to make some changes in color. Try the colorful dressing. For example, this kind of blue and orange contrasting color is pretty fashionable. Or you can choose the contrasting color of brown and caramel color to highlight the sense of fashion and advanced, and it does not look monotonous.

No matter what contrasting color matching, there must be a correlation between the overall color, and the color cannot be too much, otherwise it will look very complicated.

Knitted sweater+skirt+boots

Who said that in spring, you can’t wear boots? In fact, there are still many tide people who will choose a variety of fashionable boots. Especially when using a knitted sweater with a skirt, a pair of boots mix and match can highlight a full sense of high -level sense. It looks different. Little fairy.

Generally speaking, the small man prefers the matching of short boots. You can choose short boots that echo the long skirt to expose the small area of ​​ankle skin, which will look lighter.

We have learned about the matching of various fashion knitwear in this article. When the knitwear and skirt are combined, we can also expose the sense of fashion and femininity, especially the daily match. You can refer to these fashionable styles of bloggers to highlight your good temperament.

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