Transformation and upgrading innovation breakthrough -Xiangcheng Modern transformation from “property service” to “urban service” perfectly transformed

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Deeply cultivate the industry, continue to grow bigger and stronger main business, and continue to innovate.

On February 25, Xiangcheng Modern Urban Operation Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Xiangcheng Hyundai) held a party committee to plan the company’s reform and development work this year, proposed to clearly lead the industrial sector, promote the transformation and upgrading of property services to urban services, and improve the improvement The market -oriented operation level and operating efficiency can better play the role of state -owned enterprises and the role of “holding”, and contribute to the comprehensive implementation of the strategic positioning and mission tasks of the “three highs and four new”.

In January of this year, the shareholding system of Xiangcheng Property Company under the Hunan Provincial State -owned Assets Group was successfully completed. The overall rename was Xiangcheng Modern Urban Operation Service Co., Ltd., which covers the sectors of property services, space services, scientific and technological services, value -added services. The simple property management model extends to the governance of urban public space.

Strengthen the leadership of party building, be a good masses “red housekeeper”

Where the enterprise develops, where the party building is followed up, the role of the party organization’s fighting fortress is reflected. In Xiangcheng Hyundai, a total of 180 party members in the company’s 10 party branches always rushed to the top, playing the role of the pioneers of party members.

In November 2021, the Dreamnet Jingyuan Community of Xiangcheng Modern Service implemented an emergency seal due to the emergence of new crown pneumonia. Within half an hour after receiving the seal, the community property service center quickly completed a series of work such as case transportation, closed communities, notification announcements, and personnel comfort. “The epidemic is the order, and the prevention and control is to run with time. We must be the guardian of the community and rush to the front.” The person in charge of the community property center said in retrospect.

During the 10 -day closed period, the party members of the community property center insisted on their posts, completed 3 rounds of strict disinfecting every day, and organized the owners to complete the total of 10720 nucleic acid tests in 8 rounds, acting as the “courier”, “buyer”, “distributor”, “distributor” Psychological dredging “to ensure normal supplies of community supplies. With sweat and action, they supported the protective umbrella for 1340 owners, built a strong epidemic prevention fortress, and brightened the nature of party members.

On February 22 this year, Hunan Snowfall was descended. After receiving the meteorological warning, Xiangcheng Modern Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Liu Yang personally dispatched it to start the emergency supplies such as cold -proof and freezing emergency plans, emergency allocation of industrial salt and sacks. In the front line, spread industrial salt to prevent the pavement of the jurisdiction from freezing, eliminate snow to eliminate hidden safety hazards, place warning signs to remind travel safety, clean up the danger of pouring trees, and strengthen patrol force to respond to emergencies to ensure that the company’s service is 100,000 The travel safety of cadres and the people of Yuzhi and the people.

“I saw the property employees on the stairs and sprinkled salt on the garage one night before snowing. I told my family that there is no need to worry about the safety of entering and leaving the community tomorrow.” The residents in Dekun Community said.

Use “Xiangcheng Power” to brighten the “Hunan Cultural Business Card”

On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, after winning the property management project of the Hunan Provincial Museum, it is necessary to complete the team formation, training, and material equipment of more than 300 people within two weeks to ensure the normal operation of the provincial museum during the Spring Festival.

Facing difficulties in recruitment before the festival, factory holidays, logistics suspension and other problems, all party members heard the order and charge in front of them. The emergency scheduling of the functional departments and operating projects was enriched to various positions, and quickly put into time to take over the preparations in a combat attitude. Under the leadership of the preparatory team of the old party members, the preparatory team continued to daily, eliminating the difficulties, overcome the difficulties, and successfully completed the venue transfer. On February 2nd, the first wave of passenger flow in the Spring Festival was ushered in the museum.

“This is the first time we take over since we take over. The Provincial Museum is a cultural business card of Hunan. We dare not be sloppy. At the time of the early meeting, the team leader also organized us to review the main points of the post.” According to the property staff in the museum, the same day The staff served nearly 5,000 audiences inside and outside the province with high standards and high -quality.

Transformed from “property service” to “urban service”

On February 25, at the Xiangcheng Modern Party Committee meeting, everyone said that the company should clarify the industrial sector, actively plan the transformation and upgrading of property services to urban services, improve the market -oriented operation level and operating efficiency, and better give full play to the pillar of state -owned enterprises. The role of “holding” and contributing to the comprehensive implementation of the strategic positioning and mission tasks of the “three highs and four new”.

It is reported that at the end of 2019, Xiangcheng Hyundai implemented “Introducing Strategic Investors+Employees Stocks”, completed the reform of mixed ownership, and promoted the conversion of old and new development models. Use the “mixed” capital to promote the “change” mechanism.

In 2021, there were 78 new projects in Xiangcheng Hyundai. It successfully achieved a new breakthrough in 5 non -residential formats including hospitals and campuses. The new management area was 4.12 million square meters in the year, and the amount of new contracts was 240 million yuan. Essence

Liu Yang said that from “Xiangcheng Property” to “Xiangcheng Modern” perfect butterfly change, the company has achieved a leap from 1 to “N” in terms of business and industrial scale. Gradually presented.

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