What are the explosive models of the Spring Festival Gala in the Spring Festival Gala

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In the 1980s, one of the most convenient and fast ways to learn fashionable young people without fashion magazines and the Internet. The most fashionable person at the time.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

Liu Xiaoqing (middle)

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

At the first Spring Festival Gala in 1983, Liu Xiaoqing, who was both host and singer, triggered the popularity of the year with a red shirt. At that time, if the girl put on the “Xiaoqing shirt” and put on a small braid, she would be greatly improved on the street.

Zhang Mingmin

In 1984, Zhang Mingmin, as the first Hong Kong singer who was invited to the mainland TV station, sang a song “My Chinese Heart” on the Spring Festival Gala stage. The next day, not only the song “My Chinese Heart” was all over the north and south of the river. Even when singing, Zhang Mingmin wearing gold silk glasses, light gray suit suits, and the same color scarf became the most fashionable at that time. dress up.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

Fei Xiang

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1987, Fei Xiang, who had magnetic voice and charming smile, “ignited” “A Fire in Winter” in the form of singing and dancing. Subsequently, Fei Xiang’s hairstyle and the red shoulder -in -shoulders and high waist pants wearing the show became a model of imitation of young people at the time.

Mao Amin

By the Spring Festival Gala in 1988, when Mao Amin sang the song “Missing”, he also wore a golden large shoulder bat shirt to make this large shoulder boom and continue to burn.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

With the improvement of reform and opening up, in the 1990s, the shapes of the Spring Festival Evening became more and more fashionable in international fashion.

Ni Ping

At the opening of the spring evening of 1994, Ni Ping was wearing a red sleeveless cheongsam. This is the first time that the female host appeared in the Spring Festival Gala for the first time with a improved traditional Chinese costume. After the Spring Festival Gala that year, there were more and more girls wearing sleeveless dresses on the street.

Andy Lau

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

In the Spring Festival Gala in 1995, Hong Kong singer Andy Lau became a well -known star with a “Emotional Water”, and his “three -seven points” hairstyle was all the rage among the young people at the time.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

Step on your feet

In the Spring Festival Gala 1998, the bodybuilding coach Mahua moved the bodybuilding to the Spring Festival Gala Stage, and stepped on the feet bodybuilding pants became a new trend. At that time, the Chinese people also began the pursuit of the beauty of the shape curve. Almost everyone had a pair of healthy pants on her teenage girls, to her teenage girls.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

Entering the 21st century, especially after the Spring Festival Gala after 2010, more and more Internet elements and more and more international clothing brands have been added. The common people’s cognition of fashion. One -click order online, ordinary people can catch up with fashion without leaving home.

In the Spring Festival Gala 2017, Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Luhan, etc. dressed in international clothing brands appeared on the stage, and quickly became a popular search on Weibo on the night of the performance; and Liu Tao’s songs have not been sung yet. Speed ​​on the shelves.

大垫肩 蝙蝠衫 高腰裤 看春晚三十年有过哪些爆款

By the Spring Festival Gala 2018, the performance was not over. The lipsticks, accessories, clothes, and shoes used by the host and actors have already had the channels for purchasing.

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