There is a kind of beauty in summer called wearing a dress, which can be sweet, high -level, beautiful and beautiful.

The appearance rate and popularity of dresses should not be described too much, but what many girls do n’t know if they do n’t need to do too much, but not all dresses can wear aesthetics. The style and sense of atmosphere are very different.

If you don’t know which dress is more suitable for you, or it doesn’t matter which dress corresponds to which dress, because next, the cousin will give you the fairy 3 very eye -catching and fashionable dresses. Matching, do n’t miss the fairy who likes to wear skirts ~

Matching ideas 1: Advanced expensive style

I believe that many girls wearing dresses are not only to bid farewell to mediocrity and show the unique charm of girls. They also want to use a dress to wear a high -level and expensive spirit that can only be viewed from a distance, but most of the dresses are more realized to be more realized. difficult.

At this time, you need to spend more thoughts when you choose the money. First of all, from the material point of view, it is recommended that you consider more fabrics with high -level atmosphere such as velvet, strip, and satin. After the dress, your own attributes will be incorporated into you, and then you will be on you.


Compared to velvet and velvet, the breathability and comfort of satin material are undoubtedly more suitable for summer. Even if you sweat, you will not stick to your body, so that you can enjoy enough comfort.


The right fabric is only the most basic. The choice of color matching can also affect the overall dressing effect. If your skin is a relatively white type, the cousin recommends that you might as well try more goose yellow. The light reflected in the light, the whole person looked like a filter of a layer of sunlight goddess, and the sense of advanced was naturally self -evident.


As for the most tangled style of everyone, just remember the principle of selection: increase the overall sense of layering. I believe that many girls will choose ordinary styles in order to pursue simplicity when wearing dresses. They are always easy to hit their shirts. It looks very ordinary. It is better to try more dress with drawers.


Against the drawing design, it can naturally create more fold elements, which can echo the ruffled edge of the skirt, add more layering and three -dimensional sense to the whole set, and glows Guan Zeze. You will also become the most unique and noble and exquisite girl ~


Matching ideas 2: Fresh and sweet style

If you are a person who is very similar to cousin, I believe you are also obsessed with the fresh and sweet matching style. In this regard, no one has a good say than cousin. After all, who is not a sweet girl ~

Back to the topic, in fact, there are still many dresses to wear fresh and sweet style, but what cousin wants to share with you is the denim strap skirt that can be loved some time ago. Can wear the appearance of the first love goddess.

Speaking of the first sense of love, is it instantly thinking about the strap skirt and a name called the first love strap skirt? That’s right, when you wear a denim strap skirt, you don’t need to doubt the powerful age -reducing effect. You only need to choose the appropriate style according to your body characteristics.


For example, a girl with a small waist should choose some slim band skirts as much as possible. After all, the material of the denim is still relatively stiff. Once you choose a straight or waist -like skirt, it will give people a bloated feeling, even if you choose a bloated feeling. Even You only have 90 pounds, and you will wear 120 pounds of visual effects.

In terms of skirts, if you are like a tall girl as a cousin, you can try a longer skirt. Although the long skirt will be a bit high, the collision of pleated skirts and light -colored denim blue will make you make you make you Instantly become a little sister next door. With this sweet style, will you still be in height?

看到这里,可能有些小个子仙女要怒了,不是表姐饱汉子不知饿汉子饥,是因为我们的关注点不太一样,其实,小个子女生完全可以通过选择能够露出一部分大腿的裙长来让I look tall, by the way, through the exposed legs, it can also improve the overall temptation ~

Matching ideas 3: gentle temperament style


If you are a fairy who wants to wear a beauty in the workplace office, the above two styles are obviously not suitable for you. Instead of becoming the “alternative” in the eyes of colleagues, you might as well try the gentle temperament wind dress. It can easily become the most attractive workplace women in the office.

The key to realizing this wish is that the style of this dress on your body will be rejected with the overall atmosphere of the office if you choose wrong. Not only cannot you achieve the purpose, it will also play a reaction.

If you don’t know what style is suitable for the atmosphere of the workplace after wearing a dress for so long, then I can only say that you really don’t know how to wear it. In fact, you only need to arrange a suit skirt with a temperament. Get everything!

Compared with the shirt skirts that many women are wearing, the biggest difference between a suit skirt is that the material is used in the material. People add a sense of temperament that is difficult to wave.


Of course, in order to make the whole set of temperament atmosphere more pure and exquisite, it is recommended that you choose more saturated solid colors, such as sage green and high -grade gray. More fair, on the other hand, it can make the whole person look more advanced.

The most important thing is that for a exquisite workplace commute matching, the existence of a pair of pointed heels is inevitable. While helping you improve your temperament, it can also make the whole person look taller. Is a necessary shoes for women in the workplace ~

I believe that after watching so many groups of dressing ideas, you have gradually started to dislike the ordinary dress that can no longer be ordinary. What are you still hesitating and quickly arrange a few more novel and more fashionable dress for yourself Put out your own beauty ~

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