Recently, a kind of high -profile method is called “long skirt+Martin boots”. It is comfortable and versatile.

If you haven’t felt the style of “salt and sweet”, the popular items “Martin Boots” this year must know it! The younger sisters who can wear it have invested this item into a new way of wearing, but it is sweet and touching, and it is cool and handsome. What is the way to do this? It is the way to wear “long skirt+Martin boots”.

If you have not tried this way of wear, you must try the courage to try it, because when you wear this kind of wear on your body, you will find that you have seen a new continent and you stand in front of the mirror. It is a new self, and I am surprised that I found a new style. I believe me will definitely make you amazing.


Why is the combination of long skirts and Martin boots so popular? First of all, the first thing is the stylish sense of fashion. The sweet skirt and handsome Martin boots are matched. A lot of fashionable interests. One more important thing is that everyone is most interested in that is that the way of wearing long skirts and Martin boots is really high and thin!


If you are finally interested in hearing this, let’s enjoy the magical effects of this set of gods together!

“Long Skirt+Martin Boots” match style awards

(1) Fashion sweet


Look1: Flower dress+Martin boots

A black flower shattered skirt with a black background is the fresh ladylike temperament. A pair of Martin boots on the feet choose the design of the pearl buckle, which will be softer than the lace, so this combination also looks very coordinated, it is very sweet and fresh.

Look2: baby shirt+white skirt+Martin boots


The color uses bright and warm colors, and the Martin boots tend to be consistent with the color of the top, so that the handsome Martin boots can be turned into a warm feeling, which is less attacking. The matching of the doll shirt and the cool cotton and linen fabric, together, are cute and invincible, without a sense of disobedience.

(2) Mix and match collision

Look1: French bubble sleeve skirt+Martin boots


The bubble sleeve dress of lace element is the elegant and romantic style of French style. Suddenly, a pair of handsome black Martin boots blessings on the feet immediately bring a visual impact. This impact -type dress is very suitable for young ladies and sisters who take different routes. The return rate is too high.

Look2: suspended yarn skirt+Martin boots

What kind of collisions will happen to the light and elegant fairy yarn skirt and Martin boots? Anyway, you must be the focus of the audience. The upper body can be a quiet goddess of immortality. The lower body has completely become an aggressive young lady, so this mix and match impact is very impact.


(3) Dynamic coolness


Look1: Black French top+black skirt+Martin boots

The pure black system is full of dark style, and the French shirt version has created a sweet effect in the cool. Irregular and split skirts can inadvertently show the lines of the legs. It was already embarrassing, and it was just the right effect of the Martin boots. Essence

Look2: Light surface suspender skirt+Martin boots

It was originally a sexy style suspender skirt. After putting on Martin boots, he immediately became a cool style. The camisole of the light surface is like taking the flash effect on the stage. With the black lace -up Martin boots, both on the street or the stage are the focus of the audience.

(4) Literary Retro


Look1: short -sleeved shirt+pleated skirt+Martin boots

A Japanese -style student temperament, a strong sense of literature. The shirt is also a white basic model, and the short -sleeved shirt design looks very retro. Following the principle of classic black and white matching, the lower body is paired with a black pleated skirt, and it is a Japanese beauty.

LOOK2: suit+irregular long skirt+Martin boots

Dress on a beret and a dark suit. These two elements are standard for the wearing of literary girls. It is paired with a long skirt with irregular skirts as the overall fashionable item. With a pair of black Martin boots, the style is literary with the street feeling, which is very eye -catching.

“Long Skirt+Martin Boot” selection article

(1) Pick up the boots, remember to look at the skirt length


Although they are all long skirts, the length of the long skirt is actually a bit different. Because there are tall and small people, the effect of wearing a long skirt is also different. We need to be generally to the legs in the long skirt to determine what height of the boots to wear in order to achieve the effect of significantly and thin.


The skirt grows to ankle = short boots


The length of some long skirts is long, and generally it is a longer skirt at the ankle. The Martin boots with this skirt must choose a short tube, which can be cleverly exposed to the skin of the ankle. Just right, the leg lines are very slender and slender visually.


The skirt grows to the calf belly = mid -boots


Some long skirts are designed to the calf belly to take care of the little man’s dress. So like this kind of skirt is a little bit longer, you can wear a slightly tall tube Martin boots, which is slightly taller than the short tube. Too much, this is short, just right.


(2) Choose boots according to the leg shape


The height is different, and the leg lines are different. There is also a distinction between the height of Martin boots. Only according to your body and leg shape can you wear the most suitable boots.

Conventional tall leg type = 8 -hole height is the best


Martin boots different holes determine its height. Generally, the masters of Martin boots we see in general are basically 8 holes we wear, because 8 holes are the most suitable for modifying the leg shape and height. So there is no special case, and the height of 8 holes is selected normally.

Small thick legs = 6 holes height

Girls with small and thick calfs, the conventional 8 -hole height may still be a bit higher, not enough to support, it is easy to wear the effect of thicker legs and shorter. Therefore, girls who belong to this type of figure, when choosing Martin boots, are recommended to choose the height of 6 holes.

10 holes or above = tall thin legs


If you are confident enough of your height and leg shape, you are sure you are a girl with a smooth leg line and not too much fat, so you can choose to choose Martin boots with more than 10 holes, because you have the advantages of the legs. The above Martin boots are really special effects with long -town long -town.

The fairy combination of long skirts and Martin boots is really cool and sweet at any time. With this group of fairy matching, you will never be afraid to be a small and transparent when you go shopping. Based on various factors to choose the long skirt and Martin boots that are suitable for you, make this gin with the most beautiful GAI!

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