Excellent shelf display can attract customers to stop watching to produce purchase behavior

According to relevant research, excellent store shelf exhibition can attract customers to stop watching and produce purchases.

Excellent exhibition inevitably inseparable from high quality shelves.

For some newcomers who want to open the store, how to choose the shelf may not be clear.


Let the Golden Sounds teach you!

Look at the common store sheaths to be combined by steel, wood and steel. Different materials have different effects. The wooden shelf is relatively high, the price is expensive; the steel shelf is not good, the price is cheap, the quality is good.

The steel shelf and the wooden shelf have advantages and disadvantages, extreme, the advantage of integrated steel shelf and wooden shelf is a good choice, which ensures beautiful and guaranteed quality. The overall display effect will be affected by the shelf style.

Some shelves are updated slowly, and the shelf produced by the production is more old. It does not meet the current aesthetic standards now, and customers cannot attract customers.

In order to select a newly practical shelf, the visual display effect of the store is enhanced.

The rear panel is equipped with a strong breathable network back panel, which can be classified, guiding customers to buy good. The end frame is combined with the hook and the hook, and one frame can be used to meet a variety of display needs. This type of shop shelf is both fashionable and practical, a nice shelf choice.

Quality is the most important factor in the shelf choice, because the shelf needs long-term use.

The shelf quality is good, long service life, avoiding frequent replacement of unnecessary cost. If the shelf quality is not good, it is easy to collapse, which may hurt employees and customers, leaving hidden dangers.


If there is conditional, it is best to go to the shelf to take a look at the shelf company to look at the assembled item. Look at whether the joints of the display frame are firm, whether the paint is even, whether the arm is sufficiently strong. If you can’t see the item, it is recommended to consult the customer service staff to understand the layer of lamination, don’t ignore the details.


In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, choose a reliable shop shelf manufacturer very important. As an experience with 21-year-old store shelf, the Jinli Sound shelf has a perfect after-sales service, which is believed to be trustworthy.

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