It is enough to wear a sense of season.

The high insulation and warm appearance of “Core Velvet Pants” will be very popular in this season. Just put on it will give people a sense of season. And because there are many colors and outlines, it can be worn with many items.

Autumn and Winter Classic “Core Velvet Pants”

Cordonal velvet has vertical patterns, attractive with its elegant texture, gloss and soft tones. Feeling warmth, and because of the thick fabric, warmth and excellent heating, it is very useful in the cold season in autumn and winter.

There are many light cores, such as accessories and jackets, but the “core pants” can be used for a long time and have high strength, so I definitely think you should add one in the wardrobe.


This time, we will introduce the matching of this kind of core pants.

Wide contour continues to be popular


Loose outlines, easy to walk and wearing comfortable wide pants continued. The combination of a moderate relaxation of the wide outline and seasonal corduroy can create a stylish atmosphere only through wearing.

The work scene is also very useful


The wide version is very popular, but of course, the cone -shaped version and straight version also make the legs look beautiful.

Color “Core Velvet Pants” coordinated matching

“Brown” with seasonal sense


Brown light core pants are recommended to give those who want to give themselves a sense of season! Just put on the autumn and winter mode to reach. Brown is not only basic color, but also matches any colors (such as orange, green and blue) well, so it is easy to mix and match.


By adding red sneakers to the brown -colored coordination to complete the leisure effect. Even if you are not good at matching wide -leg pants, you can also emphasize the vertical line by matching the long coat and easily improve your style.

The “beige” that impressed people

The matching is 100 % leisure, but the unique texture and gloss of the light core add elegance to the casual style of adults. Soft color matching schemes and slightly outdated sneakers create retro.

The soft beige core velvet is matched with blue and black, which is very fashionable. This is a delicate combination that makes people feel cool. Cordonal velvet is a popular product of the season.


“White” is the success of your clothing


Due to the matching of autumn/winter, white pants look good, which usually brings many calm hue. Because it is made of corduroy material, it has a sense of season and the clothes become gorgeous immediately.

Adult holiday set, loose style. Just add a white T to a sweatshirt to have a sense of vulgarity, and the fashion degree is doubled.

Very active “Tibetan Blue”

Intellectual and capable Tibetan blue colors. Whether it is leisure or beautiful style, it is completely suitable for a wide range of styles, and you can enjoy a variety of combinations. The sense of presence is also fully reflected in the pants, and the simple top is also handsome!


The Tibetan green suit is matched in a high -quality atmosphere to achieve a higher level of wear. Although it is very fashionable and beautiful, if it is paired with shoes and hats, it will be even more good to wear a boy style!


Just wear it to enhance the “dark blue” of fashion

Black high -necked and zebra pattern bags with dark blue trousers inadvertently ease the sensitivity. With the inside of the shirt, you can make the fat wide -leg pants look more refreshing.

Full of naughty items. The relative effects of blue trousers and red sneakers make the matching relaxation and enhance the sense of fashion. It is also very good with a popular sweatshirt.


Last to say


This article describes the “with light cores



“How about the choice? Depending on the color and outline, there will be a lot of changes in the atmosphere of matching. This year’s autumn and winter, please wear a cordy pants to enjoy this cold -resistant fashion match.

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