Whenever the kitchen is installed with the island, it saves a restaurant.

Now that the kitchen decoration at home, it is not new to make an island! Increasing the storage space and very personalized, meet everyone’s life needs, but the design of the owner’s house is a bit different, and his family has made improvement on the original basis →


There is also a dual sofa as a dining chair under the island.



Hey, it’s the first time I saw it! In fact, this design is very easy to achieve. The size of the sofa dining chair should be measured in advance. Pay attention to the location when making the island. And the benefits of this design are countless:

▼ Multiple dining area

Especially in the morning, the family sat on a small sofa and used a simple breakfast on the island. Isn’t it more convenient than going to the restaurant? Packing up is also worry -free and effort, the pool is next to it, just throw it in. Moreover, when I was washing vegetables and picking vegetables, I could complete it on the sofa. It was much stronger than standing, and I was no longer afraid of backache back pain.

▼ Invisible does not occupy land


The appearance of the appearance of the island is the same design. When the sofa is not in use, you can directly move in and combine with the island. It is in line with the aesthetic demand for the simple and comfortable home environment. Just drag it out of use, and the flexibility should not be too strong.

▼ It is not easy to accumulate dust

In addition to hiding the land, another great benefit is to clean up. When the sofa dining chair and the island are integrated, the gap between the middle is very small, which determines that it is not easy to accumulate dust. It is a gospel for those who do not like cleaning.


Of course, if the island is relatively small at home, we can replace the double sofa with a small dining chair, which is convenient to place the legs. The platform has saved a restaurant, and the dining chair is beautiful!

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