The “laziness” gameplay of catfish in winter, the raft rod with a string hook, no longer afraid of the fish running away

Fishing in winter fishing, I personally think that the long -term pole of traditional fishing is the most suitable fishing method, but this gameplay is not easy to use or all people like it.

If there are many water plants in the water, the advantages of traditional fishing can be played to the greatest extent. If there are too few water plants or no at all, it does not mean that you ca n’t catch it, but the advantage is not so prominent.

In addition, some fishermen do not like traditional fishing. They may not like such a long rod, or they may not get used to playing fishing rods back and forth, anyway, various reasons.

In addition to the most common Taiwanese fishing in winter fishing, there are other ways to play in addition to the traditional fishing that I think is the best? Of course, such as raft fishing.

There are several ways to play raft fishing, but what I want to talk about today is the remote fishing method of the shore raft rod. This fishing method can also be said to be a lazy fishing method. After throwing it, hang a bell and wait for the fish. This method in winter is very suitable.

The raft rod+string hook specializes in the big plate in winter, first talk about equipment selection

Because I have a lot of things, if each piece of equipment is bought very high -end, the funds must not be eaten, so I will pick it up cheaply for some equipment.

I only use the shore raft pole for winter, and only fishing catfish, so that I do n’t need to buy high -end goods. I bought three sets of only 100 yuan in total, that is, a pole+a wheel of only 30 yuan, which is cheap enough to be cheap enough Bar.

The length of the raft rod is 2.1 meters, which means that it can be thrown away.

The wheels are equipped with a 10 -axis 2000 wheel. If you just play casually, you don’t need to care too much about the axis (the cheap wheel axis is randomly marked), but the parameters behind you should pay attention.

The so -called “type 2000” and “3000” actually refers to the size of the wheel. To be precise, the line capacity. The larger the number, the more the number of the number is on the line. Generally, the 1000 type of catfish is enough.


The line on the fish wheel is normal 1 to 2, and everyone is recommended to buy cheap lines, because 99%have risen.

The lead pendant is 10 to 30 grams. It can be lighter than light water, shallow water, no water, and fishing near, otherwise the focus is on.

The lines of the hook are equivalent to the sub -line, preferably less than the main line. It is recommended that 0.8 ~ 1.0. You can prepare a few different numbers to prepare from time to time. The fish hook is better with a stab. Idou, stream or Haixi are recommended. The hook is recommended to use the hook you use when you use the pole. I use the No. 6 stream hook.

Add it: Many people think that the more hooks on the hook, the higher the fish rate, but it is not. If there is a few fish hooks in one place, it will be useless if there is no fish. The higher the possibility of hooks and the possibility of entanglement. I think 3 hooks are enough.

Specific operation of raft rods in fishing catfish


The raft rod with a string hook fishing catfish must be better in the winter. The effect is that the red worm is better, but the cost is that the earthworm is lower.

The operation is relatively simple as long as you throw it out and hang it on the bell. The main question is where to throw and how far.


If there are obstacles in the water, it is best to lose obstacles. For example, there are no aquatic plants on the shore of some waters on our side, but the center of the river is better than the effect of the raft pole. But be careful not to throw the bait directly into the plants. In this way, it is easy to hang the bottom. The second is that it is difficult to find fish for food.

Do n’t blindly pursue far away. Some fishermen are playing with raft rods. They always pursue the extreme far. Is it necessary to throw a strong throwing investment and not to say it, but at least it must not be accurate. If you are not allowed, it will affect fishing.

I personally feel that it is enough to throw 20 or thirty meters.

After leaving the bait, the pole does not need to be too straight, and the line does not need to be tight. The vertical pole means that the above hooks will be a lot from the bottom, and the stretch is too tight to the fish to eat bait (there will be a lot of fake signals).

When I go out to play rafts, I do n’t even bring it to the ground. The fishing rod is directly placed on the ground or leaned on the branches (a little angle with the water surface). At one point, let the pole be bent slightly slightly.

If you have no mouth for a long time, do n’t die. Although this is a kind of lazy gameplay, you should n’t be too lazy. I do n’t recommend changing a place for half to an hour.

I have three sets of poles. I basically do n’t hit the same place every time I use it. At first I was throwing it. After seeing which pole was on the fish, I took the other two poles.

Written at the end:


The raft fishing and other fishing methods do not conflict, and they can take care of them. If you only play raft rods, it is best to prepare a few more poles. The three are at least at least, but there is a premise that the fishing point is large enough or no one is fishing, otherwise the fishermen may have opinions.


I generally have Taiwan fishing+raft fishing. , It’s not one for a long time, it has energy to operate.


The above is the content of raft fishing far fishing catfish. If you have any questions, you can leave a message. Of course, if you have any good suggestions, you are welcome to advise.

[About the author]: Xiaofei, a post -90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to use text to record the beauty of fishing and leave the experience to those who need help. Welcome fishermen to pay attention to

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